An unstoppable Tavares subdues Baskonia and puts Real Madrid in the final

ANDhe real Madrid quickly solve their tie against the Bitci Baskonia, whom he defeated by 77-85 in the third -and ultimately last- game of their semi-final tie. Despite multiple casualties and the absence of Paul Lasso in the band, the meringues again dominated their rival from the initial jump until the final whistle. The Vitorians, with more heart than head, were only 37 seconds ahead on the scoreboard, while the real Madrid was able to find solutions to each local comeback attempt. In addition to the 36 rating of Tavaresthe whites also had a high level of Deck (17 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists), hanga (18 points) and causeur (14 points and 7 rebounds).


causeur I opened fire with a triple that peters He contested with 5 consecutive points to give the Baskonistas an initial advantage (5-3, min.2). The Whites’ reaction came immediately to a team from Vitoria with a lot of effort but little success. Thus, a 0-7 culminated in a counterattack from causeur gave way to three consecutive three-pointers -two by Hanga and another by the French shooting guard- that caused the first timeout of the match (10-18, min.6). Although the parn and a triple of Baldwin seemed to reactivate those of Spahija, those of Chus Mateo they again endorsed a 0-7 at the end of the first quarter that placed the first double-digit advantage for the visitors (14-25).


The panorama did not vary too much in the resumption; the meringues continued to take advantage of their greater weight in the paint, using Deck in the low post already Poirier as a finisher to maintain a comfortable mattress (21-33, min.14). Fontecchio joined the battle with a basket of faith and a very strong triple that peters He complemented this with two free throws to wake up the local fans again (30-35, min. 18). Chus Mateo immediately stopped the game, although a kill after stealing Fontecchio reduced the white advantage only 3 points (32-35). The people from Madrid clung to the superiority of Tavaresauthor of 6 consecutive points, to slow down the Baskonia reaction and reach the break above (36-41).


Baldwin He reduced the margin to 3 again right after he got back from intermission, but once again the real Madrid He solved the problem with greater intelligence in the game, extracting oil in the form of free kicks against the uncoordinated defense of Vitoria. A 2+1 of Tavares he returned the 11 point lead and the anxiety and doubts to his rival (40-51, min.24). A mate from the Cape Verdean pvot and another 2+1 from Hanga set off the alarms in the buesa (42-56, min.25). With Baldwin effervescent again, the baskonia prevented a premature collapse, but it was insufficient to dangerously approach a Real Madrid increasingly settled in the game and with Tavares scoring even from mid-range (53-66, min.30).


The azulgranas did not throw in the towel, however, and hand in hand with a grange rescuer once again excited the local parish by tightening the fence. The Uruguayan point guard scored 6 consecutive points and contributed a steal that led to a mate from Costello to catch his breath (64-69, min. 33). They were fireworks, however, because the Whites once again took advantage of the weakness in the local rebound to score two second-chance baskets through Poirier and Deck who punctured the Baskonia balloon. The white partial, which started there and ended up reaching 2-12 with a very distant three-pointer to give the final hammer blow to the game (66-81, min. 37).

Technical sheet:

77 – Bitci Baskonia (14+22+18+24): Baldwin (26), Fontecchio (16), Giedraitis (6), Peters (9) and Enoch (2) -five starters-, Marinkovic (-), Wetzell (3), Granger (10) and Costello (5).

85-Real Madrid (25+16+25+19): Hanga (18), Causeur (14), Deck (17), Yabusele (2) and Tavares (23) -first five-, Nuez (-), Poirier (8), Taylor (-) Randolph (-) and Rudy ( 3).

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