After the great fear, Ashley Cole buys a dog for 23 thousand euros to avoid more home robberies

Ashley Cole is still shaken by what happened to him in 2020 in full lockdown. At the time of the bad guys, they broke into the Englishman’s house, robbing him at gunpoint. And to prevent that from happening again, a dog arrives … expensive!

Prevention is better than cure. A bad habit as old as the world, but still valid. When it comes to your safety, then, every detail must be taken care of down to the smallest detail. This period has led many balloon stars to re-evaluate the dangers of their own media exposure and absence. And therefore, as evidenced by the many sensational thefts, sometimes even with threats to footballers or their families, it is better to take a nice dog for personal protection. Which is exactly what Ashley Cole did, still evidently shaken by what happened to him in 2020. At the time of the bad guys, they broke into the Englishman’s house, robbing him under the threat of guns.

23 THOUSAND EURO – As you remember AS, six people broke into the property of His Majesty’s former national team full-back, threatening Cole to cut his fingers with a knife in front of his partner and children. Something that obviously left behind and led the former Arsenal, Chelsea, Rome, Crystal Palace, Derby County and Los Angeles Galaxy to think about how to avoid other unwanted surprises. Answer, a watchdog. And not just any one, but a four-legged dog worth over 20 thousand euros. To be precise, the new German shepherd of the Cole family is worth 23 thousand euros, since he is specially trained by a kennel that deals with dogs for personal protection. Certainly not an expense that everyone can afford, but that for a footballer is not so exaggerated.

SOCIAL – So, Cole’s partner, Sharon Canu, posted a photo of the dog in action during training on her social media, explaining that … her little one is going to school. A message not too encrypted towards those who often use the social networks of the stars to understand when it is possible to break into the homes of the players without finding anyone. Not that the presence of players or families is a deterrent, as evidenced by the many stories about the tenor of that of Joe Cole himself. And that’s why the English wasn’t the only one to use dogs trained for personal safety. Indeed, even more offensive players like Kean or Rooney have taken a four-legged … as a defender!

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