Adrien Rabiot (Juventus): "I have a certain regularity in Blue"

“How did you experience the rotation against Croatia and all these changes with few automatisms?
There was a quality team all the same, even if we weren’t used to playing together. We were pretty consistent.

“My preferred position remains axial because it corresponds to my qualities. But evolving on the left side allows me to broaden my palette”

What is your favorite place in Blue?
My preferred position is in the axis. Two or three. But I evolved a lot on the left side with the Blues. I do it often at Juventus, and I try to do the best I can. Honestly, I don’t ask myself this kind of question to know if I have a more eccentric future in Blue. I was even able to be aligned on the left side at the Euro. My preferred position remains axial because it corresponds to my qualities. But moving on the left side allows me to broaden my palette.

There are many players trained at PSG like you in selection. Is it a great satisfaction?
We are talking about it. It is a source of pride to have been able to grow together and to represent our country today. It is also a source of pride to represent the Parisian team which has given us a lot.

You have often been criticized this season at Juventus. Do you also feel weakened in the France team with the emergence of Aurélien Tchouaméni?
I live it calmly. I have had some regularity in Blue since I returned in September 2020. At club level, I had ups and downs. It was also complicated at the collective level. I have the confidence of my coach.

How do you see the evolution of your teammate Mike Maignan for a while?
I am of course impressed. I saw him a lot with AC Milan. If they are champions, it is thanks to the solidity of Mike. We are very close friends. We did our training together. Finding him at this level is very good. It symbolizes the succession in the France team.

How do you see Antoine Griezmann’s slump?
He is serene and always very happy. He shows no disappointment or weaknesses. We all know the player he is. It will go away. We hope very soon.

How do you position yourself in relation to your future?
Personally, I have not discussed with the club. I try not to deal with these things right now. I let my agent do it. I am under contract with Juventus. Afterwards, in relation to the World Cup, a possible decision will have no impact. It won’t be my choice.

Did your goal against Croatia boost your confidence?
I don’t have trust issues. This goal made me happy. I hadn’t scored this season and it’s always a happy moment to score, especially with the France team jersey. Even though I had a mixed season, I always felt good.

Do you consider yourself as a manager now in the France team?
I don’t know if we can use the word framework. But as the team is more rejuvenating, I become more important. The coach also gives me more responsibility. »

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