A taxi driver runs over his friend because of a dispute between them in Annaba

A taxi driver ran over his friend with a Renault Symbol in the Sidi Salem neighborhood of the El Bouni municipality, causing him serious injuries due to the seriousness of the injury he was exposed to. Civil protection interests to urgently transfer the victim to the medical emergency department of Ibn Rushd University Hospital in Annaba, where he stayed until his recovery and was presented to a forensic doctor who gave him a certificate proving his inability to work for a period of 60 days, and in a related context, the accused taxi driver appeared this morning “A.B” before the Criminal Court of Appeal panel, which turned the lights on all aspects of the case and followed the latter with the felony of beating and premeditated injury, and convicted him of a penalty of 3 years in prison, while the representative of the public right at the Public Prosecution requested a sentence of 08 years in prison against the accused. A.B., knowing that the facts of the incident date back to April 11, 2020, according to what was said by the 32-year-old victim, HMA, who made his statements before the Criminal Court and Kesh. He was confused about the case of being beaten and intentionally injured by running over using the vehicle of the complainant “A.B.”, a 34-year-old man, and the spokesman explained that on the day of the incidents he was jogging at around two o’clock in the afternoon, on the pavement of National Road No. 44 leading to Annaba Airport He added that on his way back to his home in the Sidi Salem neighborhood, his friend, who is a taxi driver in the Sidi Salem and Annaba line, ran over him from behind with his “symbol” vehicle. Ibn Rushd University in Annaba, where he underwent a man-level surgery and stayed in the hospital for two days. A medical certificate was given to him proving his inability to work for two months. On the other hand, the accused “A.B” denied the facts attributed to him, revealing that he met on the day of the facts the victim named “H.” M.A., who was accompanied by his cousin “B.A.” in the Bouakdiya neighborhood, and a dispute broke out between them over an amount of money they owed him. When he refused to give them the money, they tried to take his vehicle and force him out of it, while they attacked him with a white weapon before To succeed in escaping from Their case, where he got into his car and while he was driving, he collided with the name “H.A.”, while he continued his words before the criminal court, explaining that after the accident he went to the security headquarters in order to report what happened to him and submitted a medical certificate proving his inability to work for 08 days. Referring in his speech to the assault on him by the victim and his cousin, it is worth noting that the court heard the statements of some witnesses, including the name “BH”, who revealed his vision of the facts of the incident, which began with his vision of the victim while he was in the process of doing exercises near Road No. 44 To see a “Symbol” car that was traveling at an excessive speed behind HMA, then ran over it and left it lying on the road, its owner fled at a crazy speed, after which some passers-by called the Civil Protection and was taken to the hospital.

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