The new Italy Under 21 has fun in Luxembourg (and "sees" the qualification)

The 3-0 signed by Vignato, Pellegri and Gaetano allows the azzurrini to extend in group F. Now a point will be enough in the next two matches

by our correspondent Alex Frosio

The first Azzurri goals by Pellegri and Gaetano, the opening one by Vignato, and Luxembourg soon became a formality. The Under 21 team walks to Differdange and takes back the top of the qualifying round for the European Championship: now the last two games, in Sweden and Ireland. With a victory in Helsingborg certain qualification.

Miretti, the 2003 Juventus player on the first call, made his debut as a starter alongside Rovella, in a 4-2-3-1 with Gaetano behind Pellegri, Cambiaghi and Vignato on the flanks. The new system, compared to the usual 4-3-3, gives an extra vertical passing line, for an Italy that commands from the start, as was to be expected. It is played in only one half of the pitch and at 10 ‘Pellegri has the first chance, a right-footed shot from the edge of the area just outside. The minutes pass, the goal does not arrive. Nicolato takes off his cap, then his jacket. And here’s the advantage: Cambiaghi’s cross, hole in the defense, Vignato collects and sets up his right hand at the corner. At that moment Luxembourg is in ten because Osmanovic is out, replaced by Latic.

Just Latic risks immediately giving Pellegri the 2-0 shot only towards the goalkeeper Martin who stops him. Italy plays, builds, concludes. Miretti high with the right, Pellegri wide from the outside, Gaetano corrected for a corner by Martin, a header from Pellegri blocked by the goalkeeper. Small opponent, yes, but beautiful Italy. Which doubles in the 33rd minute: Cambiaso’s cross, Pellegri’s control and volley in traffic. As a great center forward. The first with the azzurrini, first in blue since the Under 17 team. Before tea, two more chances: Gaetano with the head, very slightly out, and Rovella with a shy left foot from inside the area.

At the beginning of the second half comes the first blue goal from Gaetano, who collects a rebound at the edge of the area and first system at the intersection. The 3-0 decreases the blue intensity, and another occasion was recorded for Cambiaghi triggered by Cambiaso – how well the right chain worked -, Nicolato goes with the changes and allows himself to remove the best, Rovella and Cambiaso (inside Bove and Zanoli), and to make Oristanio debut (for Vignato). The Volendam midfielder shows up with a spectacular half overhead kick by very little. The game goes down with emotions. Enter Seba Esposito for Pellegri and Colombo for Gaetano. At 47 ‘the only Luxembourg chance: Rupil on a free kick takes the full post. It ends 3-0, as in the first leg, when Italy conceded much more. This time, all smooth.

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