Kristian Blummenfelt, the first to lose seven hours in an Ironman

Another barrier down. A new stratospheric record emanates this weekend in sports. With all eyes on the clay in Paris and Rafa Nadal in search of his ‘Grand Slam’ number 22, just over 1,000 kilometers from the Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt became the first human to go under seven hours in an Ironman. Though the brand has no official character Due to the circumstances in which the test took place, the time remains there and it opens the debate if it will be possible to reach this time in a traditional Ironman.

The German circuit of Dekra Lausitzring became the epicenter of the U7 and U8 challenge attempt. Two men, Kristian Blummenfelt and Joe Skipper, were looking to drop under seven hours in the Ironman distance. Two women, Nicola Spirig and Mat Matthews, from the 8. With the most sophisticated material on the market and the option of having up to 10 hares for the three sectors, they undertook the road to the feat in the image and likeness of how Kipchoge lost 2 hours in the marathon.

Blummenfelt achieved the goal. Pis the goal in a time of 6 hours, 44 minutes and 26 seconds. The cycling sector placed him in a position to emerge victorious in this challenge, once he completed the 3.8 km swim in 48 minutes and 21 seconds, three minutes above the time he had set.

When you get out of the water, He got on the bike and headed to the circuit where the rest of the test took place. He completed the 180 kilometers in 3h24:22, and 24 minutes below the scheduled time, thanks to the work of the ‘hares’ in the purest style of a team time trial. Once the bike was parked, it was time for the race. Ahead of the 42.195 kilometers of the marathon and a time limit: two hours and 45 minutes. He suffered from kilometer 10, victims of cramps, but finished in 2:30:50 for a total of 6:44:26.

“It’s been hard but I’ve done it. It’s been two years planning to make it as a team. It is crucial to synchronize as a group and thus achieve a great performance together”, assured the Norwegian, who in 2021 he was proclaimed Olympic and world triathlon champion, in addition to winning the Ironman world championship.

The Englishman Joe Skipper, who replaced Alistair Brownlee, also fell below 7 hours. He completed the swim in 53:24. He was the fastest in cycling (3:16:42) to complete the sector on foot in 2:36:43 for a total of 6:47:36.

“I want to win it all this year. Although I won the first Ironman last year, I also want to win the 2022 edition in October. I want to refocus and think about Hawaii almost immediatelyBlummenfelt pointed out.

The girls, below 8 hours

Kat Matthews became the first woman to go under 8 hours in an Ironman. He completed the distance in 7:31:54 (54:43 swimming, 3:50:06 cycling and 2:46:09 walking). Nicola Spirig also fell below 8 hours with 7:34:09 (54:40+3:53:16+2:45:07).

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