Ibra, a short meeting with Maldini and Massara: Zlatan wants to continue

Two weeks after the reconstructive surgery on the left knee, it is time for a first assessment with Milan. The hypotheses of a new contract are on the table

Today is day twelve. Start date of the count: May 25, that is when Zlatan Ibrahimovic was operated on in Lyon by Doctor Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet, who practically gave him a new left knee: reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament, lateral reinforcement and meniscal repair.


Today is day twelve and we are starting to get to the heart of the matter, because Zlatan and Milan had said goodbye and remained in agreement to update themselves a couple of weeks after the surgery. So here we go. As soon as Maldini and Massara return from Ibiza, among the various tasks on the agenda there will also be a point of the situation with the Swede. That he will have to tell something simple in content and at the same time complicated in management: how is he? How is it going. How do you see the future of him. Hundred million dollar questions that will be answered in part based on how these first days of convalescence went. Obviously partial answers, but nevertheless useful and necessary for a first reflection.


The position of Milan on the future of Ibra has been clear for some time: there are no preclusions to continue another season with the totem that has put an indispensable signature on the Scudetto path. Obviously re-discussing the terms of the agreement downwards. Also because, if there are no complications and the recovery table continues as scheduled, Zlatan will only be available again in January 2023. This is why among the hypotheses on the table there is also that of a token contract, or based on the number of appearances and obviously enriched by other individual bonuses (number of goals) and team bonuses. Meanwhile, he is ruled by fear. More: from the terror of having to leave the world that made him become Zlatan, in the fullest sense of the term. This is the motivation that prompted him a few months from the age of 41 to undergo a knee reconstruction in order to give himself another chance to stay on the field. Afterwards, then, any type of scenario can be opened: at Milan he could be an ambassador like Baresi, help Pioli on the field, maybe even the club manager. Or he could carve out a role in the Swedish football association, or even start a career as a prosecutor. Here, then. The key word is this because now all that matters is the “before”. Before the surgery, and even after, they say that Zlatan continues to be highly motivated to go on as a footballer. And this is what he will soon say to Maldini and Massara as well.

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