Golden State responds by slapping Boston in Game 2 of the NBA Finals

If only one shot from Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals had to be saved on Thursday, it was Stephen Curry’s missed three-pointer in the third quarter that could have given Golden an 18-point lead. State and which marked, in fact, the tipping point of the meeting, finally won by Boston (108-120). Sunday, for Game 2, the most memorable shot was also an award-winning shot attempted by a Warrior in the third period. But this one came back.

The third quarter was coming to an end. It had been one-sided for the Californians, going from +2 at halftime (52-50) to +20 (84-64) when Jordan Poole rose for a final attempt, almost from midfield. String, explosion of joy from Chase Center and all-smiling hug from Poole and Curry (29 points), who had himself scored almost in the same place as Poole two minutes earlier to pass the 15-point lead.

This time, Boston did not return the situation. At -29 with ten minutes remaining (93-64), the match turned into a long one garbage time, with the possibility for the “backbenches” of both teams to stretch their legs. The gap had fallen a little in the end (107-88) but remained substantial. While the Celtics had started the match well (5-13, 3rd) and they had remained within their standards during the first half, they sank during the second.


The Celtics scored fewer points in the second half of Game 2 (38) than in the last quarter of Game 1 alone (41)

Jayson Tatum had found the target (28 points, including three quarters in the first half, 6/9 from three points), but it was the turn of his sidekick Jaylen Brown to sink (4/6 on shots to start before earn a 1/11). Heroes of match 1, Al Horford (2 points) did not exist on Sunday, harassed by a Draymond Green who was close to exclusion for two technical fouls in the first half as he put his heart into rotting the lives of all Celtics.


The high number of lost balls by Boston in the first half, a harbinger of their collapse when they lost their three-point address (10/19 before halftime, 5/17 after).

Despite this collapse of the “C’s”, very clever would be the one who could say which of Boston or Golden State took the lead in a final which will cross the United States from West to East to put its barnum in Massachusetts. Coaches Steve Kerr and Ime Udoka compete in tactical adaptations and there will still be surprises and reversals. In any case, it will be necessary for Golden State, which found joy in the absence of the advantage of the parquet floor.

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