Chirichella and Bosetti at the Bebe Vio Academy: "Disabled and able-bodied together, pure sport"

The two volleyball champions trained (also in wheelchair basketball) together with the boys of the Bebe Vio Academy: “In the end, the different physicalities are not noticed, only the desire to jump into the fray counts …”

Valeria Benedetti

Jonel is a force of nature, with the help of his hands he travels all over the field and resists the attempts of the coaches to stop him, he never stands still he steals the ball from the feet of Cristina and Caterina who, let’s face it, with their feet they do not do us much. . “Let’s face it, it’s really a disaster – laughs Caterina Bosetti – I never even exchange soccer during warm-ups”. She and Cristina Chirichella move on the pitch of the Iseo center beating five and trying sports they are not used to.

Two volleyball champions (both at Igor Novara and in the national team) at the Bebe Vio Academy for an inclusive sport afternoon together with the boys who for a whole year attended the gyms set up to start sport together with disabled and able-bodied people. An afternoon of smiles and pure fun as Cristina underlines beyond competition, or together with competition: “It’s a fantastic initiative. You see that children can have fun without thinking, that you put a ball in their hand or with a For them it is the same and this is the sport of being together, communicating, finding a way of doing things regardless and helping each other “.

And trying new sports is also a challenge for top level athletes as is finding ways to adapt and adapt one’s body, which is a bit like the spirit of the Bebe Vio Academy. While Cristina and Caterina are struggling to manage the exercises with their feet, the boys are already experts and at the test of the match the game gets tough. Fouls fly and keeping the ball is not easy: “It is pure sport also in terms of competitiveness – laughs Cristina -, I went out a little tried. I suffered a few faults and I even threw a little girl on the ground, I swear I didn’t do it on purpose , but she got up immediately and therefore I would say that there is no problem “. And who says that the challenge to physicality is only for the disabled. Everyone on the wheelchair to play basketball by stimulating coordination in managing the vehicle and the ball to be thrown, it also becomes a way to face new personal limits.

And the guys from the Academy are ready to give advice to them too, who certainly have less experience in this field. “In fact – says Cristina – it is a way to acquire new skills, you find yourself having to invent solutions for movements you are not used to”. Not even in sitting volleyball for them it is so obvious to be a favorite: “It is difficult to move around the court sitting down – says Caterina -, even beating, hitting the ball, you end up bruised. In fact, one of the most fascinating things about an initiative of this kind. it is seeing how the body adapts to any difficulty by finding a solution. And in the end, the different physicalities are not noticed, only the desire to jump into the fray counts “.

The only thing that is noticed is the desire to have fun all together which acts as a stimulus to overcome every obstacle. “As I said, it’s pure sport, says Cristina -. We had a lot of fun. It’s a unique experience playing with them. There is no doubt that tackling the sport like this while laughing and joking pushes the kids to be happy to try new things. They integrated immediately. us too. Bruises included. ” And with lots of fun.

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