Breaking into a house in Sidi Ammar and stealing more than 100 million centimes and a significant amount of money in hard currency

The Board of the Criminal Court of Appeal at the Annaba Judicial Council pronounced a 4-year prison sentence in force against four persons whose involvement in theft case of more than 100 million centimes in addition to a significant sum of money in hard currency. M”, “S.H.D” and named “ML”, aged between 30 and 33 years, who were convicted by the court yesterday evening of Monday of the aforementioned penalty and their follow-up to committing the felony of forming an association of villains in order to prepare for a felony, in addition to the felony of theft described By breaking, night and plurality, while the court acquitted the accused named “A.S.D” who was pursued with a misdemeanor of concealing stolen items, and in a related context, the merits of the case date back to February 12, 2018, when the victim named “M.M.A.” presented before the security forces The urban outer in Sidi Ammar for the purpose of filing a complaint against “ML”, “HH” and “MA”, accusing them of stealing items and significant sums of money that were in his home, and the victim explained while listening to his statements by the criminal court On the appeal, yesterday morning, he left his family home located in the Shuaiba neighborhood in the municipality of Sidi Ammar, and was accompanied by his wife in At about six o’clock in the evening, he headed with her to her parents’ house in Annaba, while he then left the homeland and headed to France, adding that his wife received a phone call from a neighbor telling her that there had been a robbery targeting her house, which made her contact the security services that opened in-depth investigations that resulted in the arrest of the suspects. On the other hand, the victim added while listening to his statements that the robbery that targeted his house culminated in seizing a sum of money in hard currency estimated at 5,000 euros and an amount of money in national currency estimated at 105 million centimes, in addition to the gang members stealing his wife’s jewelry and a mobile phone from A type of “Huawei P8” and a gray coat, with the thieves seizing sports shoes, a TV, a set of knives, and an amount of 120 Tunisian dinars, indicating that the perpetrator entered the bedroom by smashing the protective fence of the window, and directed his suspicions against the suspects who were arrested by the security services Noting that these statements conflicted between a confessor and a denier during their appearance before the Criminal Court of Appeal, where the accused “MA” confessed to committing the crime of theft during He made his statements before the law enforcement officers and revealed that his role was limited to destroying the iron window guard, while the accused “ML” and “S.H.” entered the residence and remained with “M.M” outside. It should be noted that the accused who removed the details of narration The operation to break into the house denied that the gang members stole the amount declared by the victim and revealed the amount that was stolen from the house, estimated at only 17,000 dinars, in addition to other items. He added that, about two months after the incident, he received 50,000 dinars, which represents his share of the proceeds from the sale of all the stolen goods that they acquired and resold.

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