Berrettini ready to return to Stuttgart: "But after an injury like this it won't be easy"

The Roman returns to the field on Wednesday after the long stop: “The last time I played on grass was the Wimbledon final …”

We will finally see him on the pitch again. Matteo Berrettini, after the operation in March on his right hand, is ready to take the field at the ATP 250 in Stuttgart on Wednesday in the second round against the winner between the Portuguese Joao Sousa and a qualifier. So many doubts to dispel, feelings to rediscover, a condition to be fine-tuned but the important thing was to restart after yet another forced stop.

“I arrive in a different condition than three years ago, when I won the tournament – explains Matteo – but I’m fine and I really want to play again. I know it will not be easy because I was stopped for a long time and suffered an injury that was difficult to resolve and on the dominant hand. It won’t be easy, but we have to start over somewhere ”. Of course, also because last year Matteo gave us and gave himself dreams that are hard to forget: “If I think about it, the last time I played on grass I was on the pitch for the Wimbledon final … And however on this surface I always feel at ease, I have excellent sensations. From the point of view of the head I’m also fine: I know that the situation is not easy, especially thinking of Wimbledon and the points that expire, with the consequences on the classification. I am aware that it is one of the most complex moments in my career to manage, but it is another challenge to face head on ”explains the Roman.


Matteo is used to these forced breaks since he was a boy, which is why Zverev’s injury at Roland Garros particularly struck him: “I saw it all right – the Roman makes a face, as if to say that he was very impressed -. It’s hard to see that kind of injury, because it reminds me of what happened to me. It really makes me shiver, I feel like I’m falling. At any moment you move from fighting for the number 1 in the world to suffering. I wrote to him, even if we are not great friends, I wanted to show him my closeness. We told ourselves that we will soon be back to challenge each other on the most important stages and I’m sure it will be like that “.


A way to give each other courage before a moment that will be difficult, even at the level of the standings. Soon the Roman will be out of the top 10 where he entered in 2019 without ever leaving: “This moment will inevitably come, even if I win Wimbledon. I am ready to face the situation and accept the consequences, it is true I am thinking about it, because I have always been in the top 10 in recent years. Now I will inevitably go back because I was injured. But I know my level and my potential: if I was number six in the world it is not because I bought it but because I earned it. So I can go back … Then it is obvious that I wish this had never happened, and I know it will be more difficult to get back, but our life as athletes is exactly that, accepting and winning challenges. I’m ready”.

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