Annabi clings to the last chance

Our Olympic team closed the file of a heavy loss with a clean six against host Uzbekistan in the second round of the first group of the AFC U-23 Cup, which is currently taking place in Uzbekistan until the 19th of this month, with the participation of 16 teams.
Our team entered the atmosphere of preparations for the last and decisive round against the Turkmen national team, where Annabi clings to the last chance to qualify for the quarter-finals in the event of a victory over the Turkmen team with any result and a loss or a draw for Iran against the Uzbek team. Otherwise, Annabi will bid farewell to the tournament from the group stage. The physical players went through the hospitalization process yesterday at the mission’s residence in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the capital Tashkent, and to check on the players’ condition. The owner of the hospitalization training is a great work on the mental level to prepare the players in all respects for the confrontation that does not accept half-solutions, as the technical and administrative staff asked the players to forget the match of the Uzbek team He put all their focus on facing the Turkmen national team in search of victory and there is no alternative to it in order to qualify in the event that Iran stumbles in a draw or loss against the Uzbek team in the last round. And erase the negative image that they appeared in the previous confrontation, and it is scheduled to conclude Al-Anab He is preparing to meet the Turkmen national team with a final training today at the Milli Stadium “Bunyodkor”, which will host our last match tomorrow in the group stage with the Turkmen national team. To the next round of the tournament, especially since the opportunity still exists and the technical staff, led by the Chilean Nicolas Cordova, seeks to exploit it in an ideal way to accomplish the task to the fullest, especially since what Al-Annabi has presented so far in the tournament does not satisfy him nor the players who represent the future of Qatari football in the next stage. The Annabi coach and his assistants will also try as much as possible to remedy the grave mistakes that the players made and caused the unexpected heavy loss against the host team. The group entered strongly in the struggle for the second qualifying card for the group after the first card of Salal was decided The Uzbek team won two matches in the first two matches, and therefore the coach will try to push all his cards against the Turkmen team in search of victory, hoping to be served by the result of Iran and Uzbekistan in order to snatch the second qualification card from the first group.
Fourth group
Japan – Saudi Arabia at 4:00 pm (Pakhtakor Central Stadium)
Tajikistan – UAE at 6:00 pm (Lokomotiv Stadium)
Cordova seeks to make changes
Chilean Nicolas Cordova will have to search the papers available to him from the players in order to make after the substitutions on the starting line-up for the fateful meeting against the Uzbek team at the end of the first group matches in the group stage, especially as he insisted on starting with a fixed lineup in the first two matches and despite stumbling in a tie in the first match against Iran He started the second match against the national team with the same names that he started with the first match, and the result was a heavy loss. He tried to remedy it by making adjustments to the lineup, but it was too late, and although our only goal in the tournament was the equalizer with Iran that came from the substitute Ahmed Al-Janhi, but he did not participate in the second match except for having to. After Hashem Ali was injured in the second half, so some of the substitutes deserve the opportunity in the decisive meeting of the Turkmen national team in the last round. It is expected that after the names from the beginning, the starting lineup will appear, especially since some of the main players are not physically ready for the important and fateful confrontation.
Hamad Al Khalqi: We apologize to the Qatari fans
Hamad Al-Khaliqi, the media coordinator of our Olympic team, apologized to the Qatari fans for the big loss in the last match against the Uzbek team. The match took a completely different scenario from what we hoped and looked forward to presenting in it. This scenario caused some mistakes that are part of football and we must accept them and work to treat them and not repeat them. Al-Khaliqi said: Our confidence in the players is great in order to return strongly in the last match and we closed the file The match of Uzbekistan and our focus is on the match of the Turkmen national team at the end of the group stage matches in order to provide the best level suitable for Qatari football and to erase the negative image caused by the unexpected loss in the previous match and also to defend our chance to qualify for the end, especially since it still exists in case we win and stumble Iran is facing the Uzbek team, and we like to play to win first and see what happens in the end. Al-Khalij urged the players to forget The previous match and focus strongly in the decisive match against the Turkmen national team in order to appear in an honorable manner and achieve victory.
Battle for the second card
The last round of the first group in the group stage of the championship witnesses a strong and exciting struggle between our team, the Turkmen team and the Iranian team over the second qualifying card for the quarter-finals after the Uzbek team snatched the first qualification card in the tournament by winning its second victory over Annabi in the second round, regardless of its result in the last match against Iran It will guarantee the first place in the group, while our Annabi team needs to beat the Turkmen team by any result, provided that Iran stumbles by a tie or loss against the Uzbek team. The loss of Al Annabi and the victory of Iran qualifies the latter as the second group, while the loss of the Turkmen team from Al Annabi and the draw or loss of Iran qualifies our team as the second group. Iran in the first round, while Uzbekistan plays Iran in Est Ed Karshi Central.

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