The execution of a man killed his ex-wife in an ugly way in Annaba

This morning, Sunday morning, the session hall of the Criminal Court of Appeal was crowded with lawyers, jurors and civil parties who attended in large numbers to take a look at the file of the heinous murder case committed by an old man against his ex-wife. His ex-wife, while the Public Prosecution representative sought the death penalty against him as well, after highlighting the merits of the heinous crime committed by the murderer pursuing premeditated premeditated murder. To his ex-wife in the square of the educational institution “Boutouta Hussein” located in the Bouzaroura area of ​​the municipality of Al-Buni on September 24, 2017, when the victim was waiting for the departure of their 8-year-old daughter, knowing that the perpetrator committed his brutal act a few days after winning his ex-wife named “Z.” The issue of khul’ and its demand for alimony, which made him lose his nerve and decide to take revenge on her in a way that the tongue cannot describe before he surrenders himself to the security interests that turned him To the judicial authorities. Yesterday morning, he appeared before the Criminal Court of Appeal at the Annaba Judicial Council, where the aforementioned ruling was issued against him. On the other hand, the court heard the name “Z.M,” the father of the victim, “Z.E,” who revealed that his daughter married the accused. BSA in mid-2007, during her married life, which was overwhelmed by a storm of problems as a result of the reckless behavior of her accused husband at the time. His family is unimaginable, according to his statements, and the victim’s father added that his 08-year-old granddaughter was also not spared from the actions of her accused father, who had previously assaulted her with a knife at the level of her left arm a few weeks before he committed the murder against her mother, who left behind a child in Omar Al-Zohour and a boy of only 04 years old. It should be noted that the competent authorities listened to the statements of witness “B.H”, who was present during the crime and explained that he was working in the mentioned educational institution by filling fire engines, He added that he saw the victim in the school yard talking with the director of the institution and she was waiting for her daughter to come out, and at about 10:15 the accused entered and spoke with the victim asking her to accompany him outside the school, but she refused to leave, so the accused pulled out a knife without warning and dealt a blow to his ex-wife on the The level of the head and another towards the left shoulder, he dropped her to the ground, and he also dealt a blow with the dagger to his companion, who miraculously avoided it for his good luck. His knees were near the head of his ex-wife, and he held the knife with both hands to stab her with all his might, through which he thrust the dagger into her heart.

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