Patrick Schick, Monchi's thorn in the side

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The Czech striker amazed in the European Championship with a goal from 50 meters and equal to Cristiano as the top scorer. He was the most expensive signing of Roma in 2018 with the endorsement of the Andalusian sports director, but Bayer Leverkusen has reached maturity

Patrick Schick celebrates a goal in the last European Championship against Pa
Patrick Schick celebrates a goal in the last European Championship against the Netherlands.EFE
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On June 14, 2021, Scotland I fell silent At Hampden Park a lanky 25-year-old Czech striker had just scored a goal from 49.7 metres. It was his second goal that afternoon and he made history only because he had watched Marshall, the Scottish keeper, play too far forward. that day, patrick shick began to draw the successful path of Czech Republic in the European Championship, until the semifinals, and his own. With five goals equal to Cristiano in the table of top scorers in the tournament. He had caught up with one of his idols and, just a month later, became the replacement for Havertz in the front of Bayer Leverkusen. With 24 goals he has finished the Bundesliga between Lewandowski (35) and Haland (22) and has renewed his contract until 2027. The 26.5 million that the Germans paid to Roma have been transformed into a market value close to 40. And it is that Monchi He was not wrong, even if he has a thorn in his side with this scorer.

Schick grew up in the Sparta of Prague, where he showed so much personality that, at the age of 12, he ordered his father to shut up in a match because he reproached him for his mistakes from the sidelines. “We played a tournament and my father yelled something. I turned to him and showed him the middle finger. That moment changed something in my mind. I thought: who really plays football here? Me? Me”, Patrik has confessed in many interviews.

His family, dedicated to confectionery, saw him leave for Italy when he was barely 20 years old. The Sampdoria I signed him in the 16/17 season for four million and that lanky boy of 1.87 scored 11 goals in Serie A and two in the Italian Cup. His maturity came to him suddenly in a hysterical club with a sergeant on the bench as Marco Giampaolo that imposed customs that he didn’t even think about, such as the obligation to be in the locker room one hour before training. The adaptation was not easy for him either in the countryside or in the overexcited Italian life.

The Juventuson the recommendation of pavel nedved, set his sights on the young Czech and even made him leave the Under-21 European Championship camp to sign his contract. The problem arose with the medical examination. They saw something in his heart that made him rule out the signing. “There’s nothing, he’s healthy,” his agent cried out then.

42 million and only eight goals

That benefited the Rome. Monchi, recently landed in the sports management, endorsed his signing, which would become the most expensive in the club’s history: 42 million. “I have been a sports director for 17 years and perhaps the operation for Schick is the one I am most proud of. He is one of the boys with the greatest potential in international football,” he assured.

I was convinced that I had bought a diamond that took too long to polish. In the first season he scored three goals; in the second, five. The high performance of the Bosnian edin dzeko sentence him to the bench.

In the summer of 2019, with the goodbye of Monchi -who has tried to sign him for Sevilla-, he was loaned to Leipzig, where together with Timo Werner he regained his sense of smell: 10 goals in 22 games. Many teams tested him, including the Valencia of Marcelino recently proclaimed Cup champion, but the agreement with Roma was closed on Bayer Leverkusen. In Germany, and with the Czech Republic, it seems to have its place.

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