The national field shooting team in Tuscany

While the Azzurri of the recurvo and of the compound will be involved in the outdoor European Championships in Monaco, the field shooting specialists will meet from 2 to 5 June in Licciana Nardi in view of the World Games and the World Field Championships in the USA.

The summer competitive season has come to life and the technical meetings of the blues follow one another. Following the double appointment of the Paralympic national teams, from 2 to 5 June the retreat of field shooting specialists will take place in Licciana Nardi, in the province of Massa Carrara, who have two fundamental events to prepare this season: the world championship that will go to close the international season in October and which will take place in Yankton, in the United States of America. But before facing the world championship, in July Italy will also be involved in the World Games hosted in Birmingham, also in the USA, from 7 to 17 July. A particularly relevant commitment considering that in the previous edition, held in 2017 in Poland, the Azzurri won gold in the recurvo with Amedeo Tonelli, currently one of the coaches of the Olympic national team, gold in the naked arc thanks to the champion Cinzia Noziglia and the bronze in the recurvo with Jessica Tomasi. In short, there is a lot of meat in the fire and for this reason the technical director Giorgio Botto has called a large group of athletes to retreat who will all work together in Tuscany in the same hours in which the Olympics and the compounds will be engaged in the European outdoor championship in Monaco. , in Germany. THE


Following the Azzurri in the Licciana Nardi meeting there will be the technicians Daniele Bellotti, Antonio Tosco and Natalia Valeeva and, together with the senior athletes, the juniors will also be an integral part of the group, precisely because in the Yankton world championship the group will be present on the routes competition with both the “grown-ups” and the youngsters. Eric Esposito (Archers of Malpaga Bartolomeo Colleoni Bergamo), Alessandro Giannini (Archers Fivizzano), Luca Stelluto (Archers Club Napoli), Luca Stagnoli (Archers Rocca Flea), Alessio Noceti (Archers Tigullio), Cinzia have been called up for the bare bow division. Noziglia (Gold Flames), Eleonora Strobbe (Altopiano Pinè Archers), Adriana Corti (Airone Archers) and Chiara Benedetti (Eugubini Archers). Among the juniors were called Matteo Seghetta (Archer Barbacane Città della Pieve), Gian Lorenzo Soldi (Archers of Volpiano) and the European champion Eleonora Meloni (Archers Uras). The compound division will feature Michea Godano (Tigullio Archers), Andrea Leotta (Pol. Solese Archers), Giuseppe Seimandi (Blue Flames), Fabio Ibba (Torrazzo Archers), Irene Franchini (Gold Flames) and Anna Puricelli (Tre Torri Archers) ), with the juniors Leonardo Costantini (Archers of the Alps) and Andrea Nicole Moccia (Archers of Torresin). As for the Olympics, Marco Morello (Aeronautica Militare), Massimiliano Mandia (Fiamme Azzurre), Matteo Santi (Arcieri Montalcino), Chiara Rebagliati (Fiamme Oro), Debora Pinna (Arcieri Uras), Sara Noceti (Arcieri Tigullio) and , for the youth classes, Matteo Balsamo (Arcieri di Artemide) and Aiko Rolando (Fiamme Oro). For all of them these technical appointments are a first step towards calling for international events. To get there as protagonists, the performances obtained in the evaluation competitions that will take place in the summer months will naturally have a weight, especially the tricolor review that will be held in Castellarano, in the province of Reggio Emilia, from 22 to 24 July, which will be a crossroads for the choices that will lead to the world championship.

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