The first of Garbisi junior, the return of Allan: Crowley calls 33 blues for the test matches

Made the list for external tests with Portugal (25 June), Romania (1 July) and Georgia (10 July). The coach “Everyone will have a chance”

Simone Battaggia

The first time of the young Garbisi and Manfredi Albanese, the return of Tommaso Allan, the promotion of Giacomo Da Re. The main news in the list of 33 Azzurri called up by coach Kieran Crowley in view of next month’s test matches are concentrated around the median. . A program that was made official only yesterday, but which after the forfeit of Spain – in Madrid the relations between players and the federation are on the high seas after the sensational second exclusion in a row from the World Cup – had already been made to understand: Saturday 25 June in Lisbon against Portugal, a game that will go down in history because it will be the first male test match refereed by a woman, the Scottish Hollie Davidson; Friday 1 July in Bucharest against Romania (20.00 Italian time) and Sunday 10 July in Batumi against Georgia (18.00 Italian time). Three tests against nations defined as “tier 2”, as has not happened since time immemorial, but it should be remembered that the Lelos – who for at least 10 years have said they want to take the place of Italy in the Six Nations – precede the Azzurri in the ranking and that also for Portugal and Romania a test against Italy is a historic opportunity to demonstrate that they deserve the highest level.

Promoted group

Net of injuries – on all Riccioni and Zilocchi pylons, but also Favretto, Licata, Meyer, Rizzi and Polledri, who continue the long journey back to rugby – and those who have been exempted from the tour for personal reasons – Ioane and Steyn – Crowley’s list largely follows the choices that had been made for the Six Nations. Same hookers, only Ion Neculai – 21-year-old right prop of the Zebras, absolute protagonist of the Six Nations 2021 – as a novelty on the front line, same second lines with the addition of Andrea Zambonin, however seen for 9 ‘against England in the Tournament. However, all have already experienced the blue meeting in winter, as well as the third line Zuliani (2 caps), Menoncello (in goal against France, when he got injured). Leonardo Marin sees himself again, called as center when in Treviso he is considered more open (“On this I and Bortolami see it differently” the coach lets slip). Trulla is carving out a new chance, which in 2020-21 was still the extreme owner before he was preferred the more solid Padovani and Capuozzo emerged. Among the many confirmations there is also a return, that of Renato Giammarioli: he seemed to have been jubilated after Italy-All Blacks last November, but the third line of the Zebras who will play in Worcester next year has regained an opportunity.

A 9 for three

“Everyone will have an opportunity – explains Crowley -. We need to broaden the base, we want the boys to put pressure on the staff for the next selections “. Paolo Garbisi will not be present in Portugal, busy with Montpellier in the Top 14 playoffs, but between Bucharest and Batumi it is possible to see him on the field at the same time as his brother Alessandro, at the first call-up: at the end of the season in Treviso he played a lot, Alessandro Troncon worked with him individually to deepen some aspects of the game such as football in the box, he is ready to emerge with a shirt looking for a master. With Braley retired, with Varney not taken into consideration because he is playing little in England, Garbisi jr, Fusco and Albanese start substantially on a par. The 9 of the Zebre has 6 caps, Albanese is the only one called up to have played permanently in the Top 10, where he made the difference for Calvisano.

“Barnes with us in November”

Crowley also confirmed that he will continue his collaboration with Neil Barnes, the New Zealand coach who had already been his assistant in the scrum at the helm of Canada (2008-2015) and who helped improve the Azzurri’s defense in the maul drive, a critical point. in November and definitely improved in the Tournament. “We hope to have him with us in November”, explained the coach, who also stressed that the priority now is to work “in what we do within the 22 opponents” and in the game on the ground.

Left pylons: Fischetti, Nemer, Traoré

Right pylons: Ceccarelli, Ferrari, Neculai

Hookers: Faiva, Lucchesi, Nicotera

Second lines: N. Cannone, Fuser, Ruzza, Sisi, Zambonin

Third lines: Giammarioli, Halafihi, Lamaro (cap), Pettinelli, Zuliani

Scrum halfs: Albanese, Fusco, A. Garbisi

Openings: Allan, Da Re, P. Garbisi

Centers: Brex, Marin, Menoncello, Zanon

Wings / extremes: Bruno, Capuozzo, Padovani, Trulla

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