Petrarca's revenge: Rovigo beaten 19-6 in Parma, is the 14th Scudetto

In the 173rd derby of Italy the Paduans take revenge from last year’s final and break the tricolor to the rossoblu

Petrarca takes revenge last season on FemiCz Rovigo: he beats him 19-6, wins his 14th championship and repeats the success of the Italian Cup. Revenge also for Valsugana in the women’s final: 27-10 victory over Arredissima Villorba. The double final of the Italian championships, on a neutral field in Parma, decrees the double Padua triumph. Padua is the 2022 capital of Italian rugby.

First half

Petrarca dominated territory and possession for half an hour, but took home only three points at Lyle’s foot for a Chillon offside in the 22 meters. The defense of Rovigo rejects the other four appearances of the opponents in the red zone, forcing a kept Casolari after a splendid 50/22 by Faiva (2 ‘), a forward Fou (5’) and two others ahead on fierce tackles ( 11 ‘and 17’). Rovigo every time he has the ball he loses it due to handling errors (Van Reenen, Moscardi, Swanepoel, Da Re) and a twisted touch, a phase of play conditioned by the wind for both. The first time the rossoblù enter the 22 meters they find the 3-3 kick, immediately replicated by Lyle’s 6-3. But then when from 34 ‘they manage to have possession they waste two good opportunities from touchdown at 5 meters for a wrong throw and a turn over. On the first occasion they choose to play smooth football instead of placing. Wrong choice, they would have closed the first half 6-6. Play 12 scrums that have lowered the pace, but not the intensity. Rovigo more disciplined, 4 fouls to 8 (2 suffered by the scrum).

Second half

In the second half after Van Reenen’s temporary 6-6, Petrarch’s supremacy was confirmed and found the breaking point of the match with the goal of Nostran, a true Petrarchine heart, born from the scrum and change of direction of the Spanish prop (20 years ) worthy of a trocar: he unbalanced Van Reenen creating the decisive superiority on the outside. Rovigo lost Da Re, Sironi and suffered the greatest freshness and superiority of the Petrarca squad, who took off definitively with the last two kicks of Lyle, then exited in turn due to injury. The last chance to return to the game the Italian champions had when they found themselves in numerical superiority for the yellow in Galetto. But first a penaltouche not found by Van Reenen, then two actions in the 22 meters of Ferro (pushed out) and Uncini (held) designated the end. The Scudetto unstitched from the shirt and went to Petrarca.


Before the men’s final, the women’s one was held, won by Valsugana Padova 27-10 on the Arredissima Villorba. For the Paduans it is the fourth Scudetto, after the 2015-17 triptych, and the revenge of the final lost against Treviso in 2019, the last one before the suspension for Covid. The Valsugana has imposed itself thanks to the greater physicality, the strength of the pack and the presence in the meeting points, compared to the greater propensity of Villorba to open the ball with the backs. Player of the match Lucia Gai, she scored one of the three goals favored by the maul (Jeni and Vecchini the others). For the Villorba destination of D’Incà. On the field between the two teams 25 blue.

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