Solidarity: a Ukrainian national with her son welcomed in Sicily

The Paralympic national team Svitlana Shatkovska in Trapani thanks also to the commitment of the blue dt Willy Fuchsova and the blue Floreno and Virgilio

The sporting commitment, aimed at achieving ambitious goals and objectives, is not the only aspect that identifies the Dyamond Archery Palermo. And maybe it’s not even the most relevant. Because the Sicilian society, at the forefront in promoting archery and supporting its athletes, is also and above all active in the social sphere. Not surprisingly, the director of the Paralympic National team and president of the Sicilian association Guglielmo Fuchsova, together with the blue archer Veronica Floreno, last February world champion in Dubai and Maria Andrea Virgilio, bronze in Tokyo – with all the members of the association – decided to welcome an athlete of the Ukrainian Paralympic national team to Trapani: Svitlana Shatkovska, in Sicily with her son Dimitri (a boy with a form of intellectual disability).


The arrival in Italy from a war-torn territory was made possible with the help of the president of the Italian Red Cross of Trapani, Salvatore Mazzeo, and of the mayor Giacomo Tranchida. “In addition, thanks to the enormous generosity of Mr. Stefano Russo – states Willy Fuchsova – for about a month and a half Svitlana and her son have lived in a splendid private facility for the elderly, where they receive care and assistance every day”. In addition, Dyamond Archery is supported in the solidarity commitment by Irina Solchanyk and Olga Mulyak, linked to the Ukrainian community of Trapani: “Their help was fundamental with regard to the bureaucratic aspect, but above all for the translation. In general, they allowed us to understand Svitlana and Dimitri’s needs: two people who felt welcomed in a territory that is not theirs “. Thanks to Fuchsova, the athlete and mother from Eastern Europe has the opportunity to continue her sporting path: “I follow her under the technical aspect and take care of the daily training. In this regard, Dyamond Archery Palermo wants to convey a a very specific message to all the other associations: our task does not concern only the dissemination of sporting practice, but includes a social-oriented action, to help those who find themselves in difficulty or flee from war, as in the current and dramatic historical moment we are living “.

support for Ukrainians

Fitarco has already promoted various initiatives aimed at supporting the Ukrainian people: from the purchase of medicines, to having allocated funds to purchase archery material and allow the free membership of Ukrainian archers refugees in Italy. Furthermore, in view of the Paralympic European Championship which will be held in Rome from 1 to 6 August, the federation has already met with the President of the Cip Luca Pancalli, with the Ukrainian Paralympic committee and with the organizing committee of the event to be able to to have the entire Ukrainian Paralympic national team present in the capital on the occasion of the continental review. Developments in this sense are expected, but everyone hopes that Svitlana, together with her teammates, will be able to play for the European titles, as they did last February in Dubai at the World Cup, which ended just as their country was being invaded. .

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