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From the transfer market to US basketball, from finance to great stories and foreign football, to suggestions for fantasy coaches. Thus, insights and background of the great sport accompany G + users directly in the email throughout the week

Always be up-to-date with a thematic compass that orientates on current topics, on stories, on indiscretions. And all this directly in the inbox. This is the newsletter system that offers to all subscribers to G +, the premium offer of our site. Included for all new subscribers (those who are already registered will only have to activate them in their profile), they virtually accompany the reader throughout the week.

The newsletter system

There are seven newsletters from the G + world, targeted insights into the folds of sport: from the economy to the market, from big and small stories to foreign football. Here is the plan of our outings.

The Goodmorning

Every morning at 7

It is impossible to get lost if you have a good compass in your pocket. This is why the editorial staff of – ​​seven days a week – wishes you a good morning. At the very early hours of the morning the daily newsletter arrives in the mail which in an instant offers all the coordinates on what has happened and what is about to happen in the world of sport, including our insights, and our exclusives.


Every Monday at 12

by Carlo Laudisa

The week begins with CalcioMarket, the appointment with Carlo Laudisa, the historic transfer market signature of the Gazzetta dello Sport, who reveals ongoing business, background, rumors, new names and much more, to keep up to date on the movements of the players. If you want to know who gets who, this is the newsletter for you.

Nba Insider

Every Tuesday at 4pm

by Davide Chinellato

The Gazzetta newsletter reveals the secrets of the most beautiful basketball in the world. Davide Chinellato, one of the few international journalists with constant access to players and coaches and with the right to vote for the end-of-season awards, tells you what’s happening overseas: the theme of the NBA week, the most interesting statistics and a look at what’s happening to happen. And there will also be room for your questions and curiosities.

The Pedullà bag

Every Thursday at 12

by Alfredo Pedullà

Is the transfer market never enough? Here is that G + doubles. Every Thursday, the daily column signed by Alfredo Pedullà becomes a newsletter: the movements of the big and big, background, analysis, drafts, who arrives and who leaves, the tastiest previews of the moment at your fingertips.


Every Friday at 12.30

Extratime, and takes you around the world. In big stadiums, in big clubs, among the stars, but also where there are less spotlights, where the champions of the future grow up or where something magical happens. Curated by Giulio Di Feo, Extratime tells you stars and stories of foreign football, the intertwining of the great matches of the weekend, the characters, the curious things, the new faces, the names to be noted for the market.

Fan Tokens

Every Friday at 6pm

by Matteo Nava

The Fan Tokens newsletter summarizes the highlights of the digital token week. The insights range from the most interesting competitions to the most unique initiatives, from the new teams involved to the guides in simple words. A precious tool to fully understand a world in huge evolution that aims to bring people closer to their favorite team by rewriting the boundaries of cheering.

Sport & Business

Every Saturday at 12

by Marco Iaria

Sport is also about money. Marco Iaria will tell and explain the economic aspects of him with graphics, background and high-level interlocutors, more and more relevant to explain what happens inside a football field, on a ring or where the engines roar. Turnover, new technologies, sponsorships, grassroots sports, policies, an eye on the portfolios of the champions and even one on the fallout from the pandemic.


A few hours after the first Serie A match

by Jacopo Gerna

A few hours before the match that inaugurates each matchday of Serie A, Fantanews is also available, the newsletter that winks at the fantasy footballers who are about to send their training. Fantanews is free and tries to extricate itself from a thousand doubts that surround the players a few hours after the games: injured, disqualified, choices of the coaches, the hunt for players who can bring bonuses and the attempt to flush out the dangerous ones, which it is good to avoid deploying . An unmissable event for those aiming for victory.

How to receive them

All our newsletters are part of the G + premium offer, you can subscribe by clicking on this link. Those who are already a G + user can activate each newsletter from their user profile by checking the appropriate box. New subscribers, on the other hand, will receive them automatically.

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