Interview Adam Kelsey

I’m Adam, 21 year old goalkeeper for Scunthorpe United. Been playing football all of my life, my Grandad got me playing in goal in my back garden as soon as I could walk! Football has been my life for as long as I can remember, everyday I’ve put football first to try and make myself the best I can possibly be. Football has given me so much in my life and I want that to continue at the best level possible for as long as possible. I’ve always loved getting dirty and throwing myself around, so goalkeeping found me in a way.

Interview Ciara Watling

Hi I’m Ciara Watling, I’m a centre midfielder for Charlton Athletic and Northern Ireland. My specific qualities would be that I’m very hard working, in training and on Match day I think this is very important as it can always give you the edge especially in the last moments of the game. I’m always doing extra sessions and working hard in the gym too. I have a good vision for a pass, and my range of passing is good enough long or short. I’m a smart player on and off the ball. And lastly I’d say socially I’m very good on and off the pitch.

Interview Craig Clay

Hi my name is Craig clay, big Liverpool fan who plays for Leyton orient! We always have music on before a game which gets you in the mood then just before the game I always do 5 knees to chest, not completely sure why but 5s my lucky number sooo. When I first started training with the first team the intensity was a lot higher and of course the players were a lot smarter. I just remember the gaffer telling me to get ready with a few minutes left and the nerves took over haha.

Interview Nik Tzanev

My name is Nikola Tzanev and I currently playing for AFC Wimbledon. I moved from NZ because of my dad’s work. I was playing for Hampton and Richmond Sunday league team when they approached me and invited me for a trial. It was a very good loan spell where I learnt a lot. Being that young and playing men’s football is the best thing for young GKs to be doing. Great experience and was very good for my development. I was a little bit surprised because there were some other very good players in that team.