Interview Andrew Mills


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Östersunds FK
Full Name:
Andrew Mills
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
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Macclesfield Town FC
2012 (on loan)
New Mills AFC
2013 (on loan)
Buxton FC
2013 (on loan)
Salford City FC
2013 (on loan)
Newcastle Town FC
Friska Viljor FC
IFK Östersund
2017 (on loan)
Östersunds FK
Östersunds FK


Hello Andrew – tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi! I’m 26 years old, lived in Sweden for almost 7 years now! Moved over here a few months after leaving Macclesfield. Never thought after my first season in Sweden 6 years on I’d still be over here but I love the life over here, a lot different to back home.. I’m a pretty chilled lad so the lifestyle suits me over in Sweden as its super relaxed.

Why did you start playing football? And were you immediately a goalkeeper?

I started football pretty late I think, it wasn’t till I was around 9/10 I joined a team, just playing locally on a Sunday. The main reason was because most of my mates played and I felt like I was missing out so I asked a friend if I was able to join his team and his dad asked if I fancied going in goal as they needed a goalkeeper and then it pretty much went from there, been in goal since.

Andrew, you started your football career by Macclesfield Town FC. How did you experienced the youth competitions?

My time at Macclesfield was brilliant, I played 2 years in the youth team. I was training with the first team half way through my first year scholarship so that was an early sign that the coaching staff in the first team rated me. We had a reserves team which was a mix between youth team players and first team, I played a few games there and done really well then it was coming to the end of my second year when my youth team manager pulled me in and told me I was going to be offered a professional contract.

During your time at Macclesfield Town FC you were competing for the goalkeeping position. How did you feel about the likelihood of yourself being given a chance?

I always backed myself and felt if I worked hard and improved certain areas of my game I would eventually play but unfortunately I was never given a chance at Macclesfield, after I was given my pro contract there was a change in managers and he brought in his own goalkeeper which is normal in football but it was just a shame as I felt as the age of 18/19 I was ready to play first team football after doing so well during my time in the youth team and reserves. Looking back now though I wish id had worked that little bit harder and looked after myself away from football better as they’re the little things what separates you from the players battling for your spot.

By Macclesfield Town FC , you was loaned out to New Mills AFC, Buxton FC, Salford City FC and Newcastle Town FC. How did you experience these periods?

I had a few loans during my 18 months professional, I loved it. At the age of 18/19 the most important thing is game time and coming from youth team football the best thing for me was to go out on loan in the lower league so I could mature mentally and physically. Id recommend any youth player to go out on loan as soon as they turn professional as this is what really turns you into a player in the men’s games.

After your time by Macclesfield Town FC, you moved to Friska Viljor FC from Sweden. Why did you chose for Sweden ? And did you noticed a lot of difference between these clubs?

I left Macclesfield in December 2013 then took some time out of football, id lost my love for it and I don’t think I handled being released to well back then, for me at 19 it felt like it was over. Then 4 months on I was sat on my computer and decided to take a look at the LFE (league football education) website and just by chance I saw a player placement program so I applied for it, not really expecting anything back then 2 weeks later I was on a plane to Sweden. Of course the standard wasn’t the same as Friska Viljor were not full time but for me that was the most important season of my career because it was then I found my enjoyment and love back for the game and haven’t looked back since.

Andrew, what can you remember about your first team debut with Friska Viljor FC ?

My first team debut as Friska, we won 3-0.. as id been out of football for 4/5 months I was doubting myself and probably lacked confidence but as soon as I stepped on the pitch and kept a clean sheet I got that feeling back again what id missed since leaving Macclesfield, the enjoyment and hungover of wanting to win.

After your time by Friska Viljor FC, you moved to IFK Östersund. Did you noticed a lot of difference between these clubs?

I signed for IFK Östersund after Friska, IFK were 1 league higher but the biggest reason why I signed there was because Östersund FK who play in the Swedish premier league had a connection with IFK so this meant I would be able to train with them twice a week which opened up opportunities for me if I was to do well to get back into full time professional football.

Now you’re playing for Östersunds FK. What is the best thing about playing for Östersunds FK ?

After 1 season with IFK I then signed for Östersunds FK in the top league. Ive been here 3 year now, after all the ups and downs and the hard work I put in it feels great to be back in full time football. All the small things I probably didn’t do at 18/19 I make sure I do them every day. I want to stay at the highest level for as long as I possibly can so there’s no rest, you have to be at your best day in day out.

Do you ever want to go back to England to play football here?

I’d love to play back in England one day, that’s always been my goal but of course it’s been 7 years since I last played in England so it feels like the longer It gets the more difficult it becomes but I’m still hopeful that one day in the near future I can return back to England to play full time football there.


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