Interview marcus Dinanga


Personal Details

Stevenage FC
Full Name:
Marcus Dinanga
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Dr. Congo
Shirt number:


Burton Albion FC
2016 (on loan)
Mickleover Sports FC
2016-2017 (on loan)
Matlock Town FC
2017-2018 (on loan)
AFC Telford United
2018 (on loan)
Hartlepool United FC
AFC Telford United
Stevenage FC


Marcus, tell us little about yourself…

I’m 22 years old I’ve always got a smile on my face because I’m very lucky to be where I am and I’ve got a big family and I can speak 4 languages.

What are your specific qualities as a football player?

My qualities are I’m very quick I’ve got a good left foot and I back myself for a 1v1 an eye for goal strong.

Marcus, you started your football career by Burton Albion FC. How did you experienced the youth competitions?

My experience at Burton Albion  was a very up-and-down obviously getting a scholarship at 16 as I was really grateful but I started as a winger And they turn me into a striker I did well use my pace the manager taught me a lot and I started scoring goals and I liked it there so I played there for basically my whole scholarship we didn’t really go far in any of the cups competitions but it was a good experience.

During your time at Burton Albion FC you were competing for the forward position. How did you feel about the likelihood of yourself being given a chance?

When I was a Burton it still shocks me till this day that I didn’t get a chance in the first team I thought I did enough to at least make the bench but I did well in the training sessions and reserves/23 games I was the leading top goal scorer but I felt like I got treated unfairly like but that’s life sometimes not everyone will like you as a person and how you play and what you do that’s how things are sometimes.

By Burton Albion FC, you was loaned out to Mickleover Sports FC, Matlock Town FC, AFC Telford United and Hartlepool United FC. Did you noticed a lot of difference between these clubs? And why ?

My first loan at Mickleover I didn’t know what to expect I did ok scored 4 goals in like 2 months but I was disappointed in myself because coming from scoring loads of goals in u23 and only scoring 4 in 2months was a disappointment from my own standard I was only 17 then I got sent to Matlock the season after on loan and everything clicked and credit to Matlock they really put my name out there and putting my face on t-shirt was crazy for a young kid playing men football but I really enjoyed it there and going AFC Telford the year after the manger really believed in me and that’s what made me score all them goals knowing the manger trusts me so I was playing with no pressure then in the summer getting calls from my agent saying we have Hartlepool and Wrexham on the phone they want me to go there it was a big thing and I wanted to go Hartlepool because I used to play against Hartlepool back in the youth team and now going on loan to the first was a big thing for me but things just didn’t click for me the manager had no Faith in me to get the job done so I chose to come back in December and I was on my last contract at Burton so Burton says if you come back you can’t go on loan anywhere you have to find a team that will buy you because if you come you won’t train with first team you will train with u18 and wasn’t doing that but AFC Telford paid for me and I signed 18months didn’t do as well as I thought I would for the first season but the 2nd season I did ok and yeah I left.

In 2018, you signed for AFC Telford United, where you made 45 league appearances during two seasons. How did you experience these period?

AFC Telford experience is not what I expected and didn’t go as I wanted it to go again it comes down to trust he didn’t truth me fully but towards the end of the season I spoke to him and I told him he needs to truth me and back me because I can score goals so he took my word for it and started me the next game against 3rd on the table so tough game but I came up with the goods but we lost and after that day I didn’t look back again I played games till the end of the season and finished top goal scorer and got offered a new contract but I didn’t want to risk staying for another year in case I sit on the bench again I needed a new start.

On 21 August 2020, you signed a contract with League Two club Stevenage FC. How important was that moment for you ?

So Stevenage FC was a big thing for me and I really needed this move but it wasn’t easy my agent did well to get me a trial that’s all I was looking for which was a chance to make something happen and I always back myself so I did the trial scored in 2 goals in 3 games that I played in preseason and I earned myself a contract very proud day for me and my family something I really been wanting is to come back to the football league and get my chance that I didn’t get when I was at Burton.

On your debut for Stevenage FC in the club’s 2–1 EFL Trophy victory over Southampton FC U21s you scored directly a goal. How did you experience these match ?

Making my debut was a big thing just to put on the shirt just felt like this where I belong In the football league to not have played the first three games was a shame but I had a chance to change it and to score just topped it off so it was a good day for me and starting a few games after that was really good.

Marcus, what were your highs and lows during your football career?

My high and lows my low point was at Hartlepool I started doubting myself a few times and being so far from home was hard for me and not playing can really break players and my highest was at AFC Telford the first year I was there and scoring my first goal for Stevenage hopefully more to come in the future.

What are your personal goals this season?

My personal goal is to get as much goals and appearance as possible and put my name out there in the football league because I have good opportunity to make something out of the game and to hopefully go to the next level.


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