Interview Ed Williams


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Doncaster Rovers FC
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Ed Williams
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Place of birth:
Attacking midfielder
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Cheltenham Town FC
Gloucester City AFC
Kidderminster Harriers FC
Doncaster Rovers FC


Hello Edward – tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m Ed Williams and currently playing for Doncaster Rovers FC.

Why did you start playing football? And were you immediately a midfielder?

I started playing football with the people on my street from a young age, having brothers who also enjoyed playing, we used to go out and play on the field by our house. Those were my earliest memories of playing and starting to fall in love with the game. I would always be playing in the playground at school and got enjoyment from running past everyone and scoring 😂
I started off playing midfield from an early age and sometimes played out on the wing as I often do now, but I first played in the number 10 role as a second year scholar at Cheltenham town and felt I took to it well as it suited my attributes.

Edward, who are the most important people within football environment?

I’ve had many coaches and managers over the years and have learnt as much as I can from everyone who I’ve played under. To say just one would be unfair but I feel that’s important in football to always keep learning and adapting your game. I owe a lot to my grandad and mum who took me to evening training sessions and early weekend matches which wasn’t easy in the circumstances.

You have played in the youth for Cheltenham Town FC. Could you tell us about your experience at youth football?

I look back on my Youth team days at Cheltenham very fondly. A memory that sticks out for me is going to Holland for two weeks in preseason playing against different opposition and using the great facilities we had available to us. As well as the training sessions, the social side of the trip helped the boys get to know each other more and bond together. Working under John brough and Russ Milton helped develop my game and training frequently with the 1st team and being involved in match days allowed me an insight to league football.

By Cheltenham Town FC you was loaned out to Gloucester City AFC. How did you experience these period?

After my 2 years apprenticeship I signed a one year deal at Cheltenham which at the time was rare. Me and Joe Hanks were two players offered a deal and we needed game time in men’s football, we spent the majority of the season out on loan and at Gloucester city. Personally I found it hard in my loan spell at Gloucester, playing in a physical league in the conference north. We were a team that played defensively and used to play a lot of balls in the air which as an 18 year old from an academy, took some getting used to.

After your loan at Gloucester. You signed in 2015 a permanent contract by Gloucester City AFC, where you made more than 80 league appearances during three seasons. Why did you leave Gloucester ?

After being released by Cheltenham I then studied at Hartpury which allowed me to train full time alongside my degree. During this time I signed for Gloucester and felt I hit the ground running. I had adapted my game and learnt how to be effective in men’s football as well as physically improving. Having had 3 successful seasons at Gloucester I wanted to play full time after finishing my degree and get back into the football league which I felt Kidderminster would give me the best opportunity to do so.

After your time by Gloucester City AFC, you moved to Kidderminster Harriers FC. Did you noticed a lot of difference between these clubs?

The main difference was obviously the full time schedule as Gloucester trained Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Preseason was very tough and I had to get fit and strong as fast as I could. We were a team that worked hard on and off the ball so fitness was important. Kidderminster are also known for their possession based teams so we had players who were technically very good on the ball but also worked hard to win it back.

In august 2020, you signed a contract with League one club Doncaster Rovers FC. How important was that moment for you ?

This was a very important moment for me as I felt all my hard work and the dealing with the rejections were finally paying off. My goal was to play in the football league and now I can say I have. I now have different goals set and will work just as hard to achieve these.

You have also played for the national team of England C. What was it like to join the national football team of England C ?

Representing my country was of course a huge honour and a great experience. There were lads who were in a very similar situation to me who played non-league and had aims to play higher. The environment in which we worked in was of the highest standard which gave us an insight to how it is at the highest level of football. I enjoyed getting to know the lads as well as playing against different opposition. We had very good players in the team so you are only going to improve as u work with them for the days you have together.

What are your targets for this season?

My targets this year are to make as many appearances as I can as well as scoring and getting assists.


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