Interview Mattie Pollock


Photographer: Chris Lee

Personal Details

Grimsby Town FC
Full Name:
Mattie Pollock
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Redhill ,Surrey
Defender (centre back)
Shirt number:


Grimsby Town FC


Mattie, Introduce yourself…

My name is mattie pollock I’m 18 years old and I am at Grimsby Town my position is a defender I was born in London and brought up in Middlesbrough.

How important is football for you? And why ?

Football is massively important to me it always have from being a kid grew up with everyone in my family massive on it having had my dad play and my older brother currently playing so I was brought up around the game and ever since I was young it’s been my number one priority.

What type of defender is are you ?

I would like to say I’m a little bit old school I like to put my head on things and defend first but I also like to try play and keep the ball when it’s on having been a midfielder up until u15 I like to get on the ball as much as I can.

Who are the most important people within football environment? And why ?

The most important people within football for me is my dad and brother really ever since growing up looked up to them both my dad and brother have had a massive impact and still do. we speak about everything after a game and even training. I learnt a lot of my brother when I was growing up whenever he experienced something he told me and made sure I knew how to handle and what to expect.

Mattie, you joined Grimsby Town FC on a scholarship in 2018 after being scouted playing as a defender for your father’s team, Polton Allstars.  Could you tell us more about your experience at youth football?

Yes so I was at Leeds from u9 till u-15 until I left and I was going through a bad time with growing pains and injury’s  so I took some time out of the academy to play for my dad’s team and then I moved on from Leeds and I was training with my dad’s team I was at a few other clubs and Grimsby. I was offered a scholar by Grimsby and just to sign for the other clubs so I choose Grimsby as I liked everything about it I was a u-16 and I come straight in the 18s and was playing youth team football Straight away which was massive for me there was a clear pathway here and I loved everything about the club . Neil woods and Callum Lester were brilliant with me they helped me everyday improve and we’re honest with me witch is something I needed. And then Michael Jolley and Anthony Limbrick gave me my opportunity of my debut  and supported me for my first professional season.

On 29 December 2018, you made your debut in a 2–1 win at Exeter City FC. What can you remember about your first team debut with Crawley Wasps?

I remember my debut well we didn’t have many fit CB so I was almost ready to play if I got the chance I remember it happens all very quick the second half started and then next minute I was on it all happened to quick to be nervous on the side of the pitch but the lads on the pitch were unbelievable with me and the togetherness we shown on that day was Incredible I didn’t realise how loud fans are and how much is helps and boosts you but that was a incredible game to win and be part of and was a really proud day for me and my family and luckily my mum dad and sisters made the journey up from Middlesbrough to Exeter to watch!!

In February 2019 you signed a 2 ½ your professional ​contract. How important was that moment for you ?

Yes another massive achievement for me was signing my pro I was over the moon to have been offered a contract and I think it was just another boost and made me want to work even harder and prove myself even more and I was looking forward to being a part of the first team and trying to get into the team but working with experienced players every day was massive for me.

What is the best thing about playing for Grimsby Town FC ?

There are lots of great things about playing for Grimsby I think everyone within the club the players and the staff are excellent all the players I speak to and try learn from them and there professionalism  but not only that the fans are immense there isn’t a game go by we’re the fans are not behind us and gives us a real confidence boost while playing.

Mattie, What is your ambition in your football career?

My ambition in football is clear to me I want to be the best centre back in the world and play at the highest level and I’m working very hard to be somewhere near I love football and I want to prove people wrong and be the best I can.

And what are your personal goals for this season?

My personal goals are I think it’s important for me to develop I know I’m only young but I want to play as many games I can this and have a strong season.


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