Interview Alex Whitmore


Personal Details

AFC Fylde
Full Name:
Alex Whitmore
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Newcastle upon Tyne
CB, Defender
Shirt number:


Burnley FC
2015 (on loan)
Chester FC
2016 (on loan)
Gateshead FC
2016-2017 (on loan)
Morecambe FC
2017-2018 (on loan)
Bury FC
Chesterfield FC
Grimsby Town FC
AFC Fylde


So Alex – What type of defender is are you ?

I think I can be classed as an out and out defender first and foremost. I enjoy the heading, blocking and tackling more than anything, but I do like to try and find a pass and bring the front lads in to play as much as I can.

Tell us about your career to date – where have you played your football?

I think looking at it objectively my career reads like a slip down the leagues, but I don’t see it that way. I’ve made decisions best for me regarding the clubs I’ve joined and other times things haven’t worked in my favour. I’ve played across 4 leagues in my career and also in the youth systems at 18 and 23s levels so I’m fairly well versed across the board.

After your youth time by Burnley FC, you was loaned out to Chester FC, Gateshead FC, Morecambe FC and Bury FC. would you say it is essential for youth players to go out and get proper men’s football experience?

I do believe the vast majority of lads will benefit from loan experience, it’s very difficult to be the one that breaks into the first team at a young age, particularly at the bigger clubs, although it has been happening fairly consistently recently. I think clubs are starting to realise the talent they have within their own systems and providing opportunities which is great to see.

By Chester FC, you made your senior debut in the 1–1 league draw with Dover Athletic FC and playing the full ninety minutes. How important was that moment for you ?

That game will always be special – little known fact – i signed for Chester at about 3pm on that Tuesday and turned up at 6pm straight into the starting 11 without meeting any of the lads or ever been to the ground before! It was my first real challenge in men’s football and once you’ve had the taste it’s all you want going forward.

After your time by Burnley FC, you moved to Chesterfield FC. Did you noticed a lot of difference between a Premier League football club and a EFL League Two football club ?

Of course there was a huge difference. Facilities, standard, methods etc. but that’s to be expected. I was fortunate to spend a lot of time training with the first team at Burnley and there’s no comparison, but from the 23s level up to league two is still a big jump. I had played at league two level before though so i wasn’t caught off guard. Unfortunately my time at chesterfield was cut short, and i experienced a lot of things off the pitch that i hadn’t during my time at Burnley.

In May 2018, you signed for Grimsby Town FC, where you made 31 league appearances during the season. Why did you leave Grimsby Town FC ?

Let me first say I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Grimsby. The fans, the stadium, the staff and the lads were some of the best id come across. The reason i left wasn’t within my power unfortunately. As is football, managers make decisions and that’s the way it is. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t and it wasn’t to be for me there for another season. I’d have liked to have extended my stay but it wasn’t within my control.

Alex, in total you have played at several football clubs in several divisions. At which club did you learned the most?

I think I’ve learned progressively throughout my career. I’ve learned bits on the pitch at every club I’ve been at. But i think sometimes what you know and learn off the pitch goes under the radar, I certainly learned the most about particular types of people at Bury. Any footballers reading this will know exactly what I’m talking about, or will have experienced it one way or another in their respective careers.

What is the most important football lesson you have learned and who taught you that?

My attribute most of what i know to my youth team coaches at Burnley, Terry Pashley and Andy Farrell. I genuinely believe i wouldn’t be in the game still had it not been for those two or at any other club. I was raw coming into the full time game at 16 and had ALOT to learn. Two things that always stick with me is that nothing is beneath you, you can always get something out of everything you do. And the other was “job and a half” meaning that you do your own job on the pitch and half of your mates. If all 11 of you go by that rule you won’t go far wrong.

In 2019, you signed for AFC Fylde. What are your personal goals for the this season?

For this season in particular i need to add more goals to my game. I do see myself as a threat in the opposition box but 5 or more this season I would see as a success personally.

And Alex, what is your ultimate dream in your football career ?

Every players ultimate dream is to play at the highest level they can. For me so far that has been League One, and as it stands I’d like to get back to that level if possible, even higher. It takes time and consistency though. My only other ULTIMATE dream would be to represent Newcastle united, but there’s a lot to go between where I am now and the end goal.



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