Interview Simeon Maye


Personal Details

Leamington FC
Full Name:
Simeon Courtney Maye
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Centre Midfielder
Shirt number:


Hednesford Town FC
Solihull Moors FC
2018 (on loan)
Rushall Olympic FC
Hereford FC
Brackley Town FC
Leamington FC


Hello Simeon, tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m Simeon Maye, from Birmingham. I work at a Primary school as a learning mentor. I support the better side of Manchester and I enjoy beating everyone at badminton!

What are your specific qualities as a football player?

Ever since I was young I’ve been good at long distance running. So I’d say a big quality of mine is getting around the park for 90 minutes, landing on seconds and bringing other into play.

Tell us about your career to date – where have you played your football?

In my senior career I started off at Boldmere St Michaels. Was there for 2 years before moving to Redditch United. Was also there for 2 years before joining Hednesford Town. Short spell there only there for 5 months before moving to Solihull Moors. I spent a season and a half there before joining Rushall Olympic. Was officially there was a season before starting last season at Hereford FC. Again another short one was there 3 months before moving to Brackley Town this January. Didn’t quite finish the season with Covid-19 interrupting this season. Now I’m at Leamington.

In December 2016, you moved from Hednesford Town FC to Solihull Moors FC. Did you noticed a lot of difference between these clubs?

What helped me here was 1) knowing the manager there who believed in me and 2) playing week in week out with better players makes you up your game. Yes we were pressured every game being in a tough league and with it being Solihull’s first season at the level but personally I adapted really well and didn’t notice the step up until dropping back down.

By Solihull Moors FC, you was loaned out to Rushall Olympic FC for one month. How did you experience these month?

It was tough. Purely because I hadn’t played much that season through injury. I think I had only played 3 times and it got to the stage where I wanted to just play games. With my old manager being at Rushall I knew I was going to play and hopefully regain fitness quickly. You can tell the difference in football in both leagues though, a lot more football played in the national league compared to the evo stik.

Simeon, between October 2019 and January 2020 you were transfer-free and you did not have a football club. How did you experience these period ?

It was mentally tough. I was injured and then released by Hereford which was really hard. Saturday’s I’m used to being at football or at least in a WhatsApp group with lads cracking banter but this period helped me to accept injuries are part of the game and I had to be patient and ready for my next challenge.

In total you have played at several football clubs. At which club did you learned the most?

Weirdly enough I’d say dropping down from Solihull to Rushall. I went into the league thinking I was better than what was in it and stopped doing the things I’m good at. This season was probably one of the worst I’ve had and knew I needed a different challenge after it.

What were your highs and lows during your football career?

So far I’d say finishing 2nd with both Boldmere and Redditch were the best periods. Being in a dressing room when you’re constantly winning games and fearing no team is the best feeling. Lows are when I’ve been injured. Especially the second season at Solihull only playing 3 times through injury and my second season at Redditch I didn’t play until December then was out again up till February so it’s been tough.

Since August 2020, you played for Leamington FC. What are your personal goals this season?

Firstly to get games in me whenever this season eventually starts. I’ve missed being on the pitch and playing but giving it a real good go and seeing how high we can finish. We got a good squad and I think we’ll surprise a few.

And Simeon, what is your ultimate dream in your football career ?

Just to continue playing for a long as I can, it’s what I love and it’s what I’ve been doing since I was a kid. Having more highs (hopefully promotions & trophies). Hopefully put my injuries behind me and be on the field more and see how high I can play.


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