Interview Matthew Urwin


Photographer: Stefan Willoughby

Personal Details

Chorley FC
Full Name:
Matthew Urwin
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Shirt number:


Blackburn Rovers FC
2013 (on loan)
Stalybridge Celtic FC
Bradford City AFC
AFC Fylde
Fleetwood Town FC
2017-2019 (on loan)
Chorley FC
Chorley FC


Matthew, introduce yourself…

Hello I’m Matthew Urwin currently goalkeeper for Chorley FC, I joined the club on loan from Fleetwood town in 2017 and made the move permanent in 2019 after spending a great year and a half at the club.

What type of goalkeeper are you ? And why ?

I’d say I’m a shot stopper personally .quick around the goal and difficult to beat.
However I’d also say I’m commanding on the pitch demanding the most out of the players.

How do you prepare for an (important) competition? (music, rituals, etc.)

To be honest I don’t have any rituals apart from the same match warm up. Other than that I just get on with the game.

Matthew, you started your football career by Blackburn Rovers FC. How did you experienced the youth competitions?

Being at Blackburn as a youngster was great for me  growing up . I think it taught me values on and off the pitch and is a massive part of who I am today.
In the league and also in the youth cup we did very well in my time there.
In particularly in the FA Youth cup . It was our first sense of competition football in front of supporters ,only to be beaten by Chelsea in the final which was disappointing ,but the run to get there was something I’ll never forget.

After your time by Blackburn Rovers FC, you moved to Bradford City AFC. Did you noticed a lot of difference between these clubs?

Both Blackburn and Bradford were amazing clubs and I still have a soft spot for the both of them now.
The one thing about Bradford that stood out to me was how much the supporters knew about the club and all the players I’ve never seen anything like it in my playing career.

In 2016 you signed for Fleetwood Town FC. During your time at Fleetwood you were competing for the goal position. How did you feel about the likelihood of yourself being given a chance?

They had two other really good goalkeepers in Alex (cairns) and Nealo (Chris Neal) so it was always going to be tough.
However I’ve always believed im good enough to play in the football league, unfortunately at Fleetwood it didn’t materialise but I always felt I could perform well given the chance.

By Fleetwood Town FC, you was loaned out to Chorley FC. How did you experience these loan period ?

Honestly the loan period I’ve spoken about quite a lot. It was one of the best if not the best time in my career ,it was like turning up to play football with my mates, such a great group of lads and players every one worked so hard for each other and was a pleasure turning up every week.

After your loan period, you signed a permanent contract with Chorley FC. What is the best thing about playing for Chorley ?

The best thing about playing for Chorley was 100% the lads and the environment around the place.
With nearly a whole new team this year hopefully we can create the same atmosphere and that will stand us in good stead.

Matthew, what are your targets for this season?

Our target this season has to be to get back into the National League , having been relegated last season.
As I mentioned in the previous question with the new players coming into the club , we will have to see how it all gels together and hopefully we will have a really positive season.


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