Interview Tyler Dodds


Personal Details

Middlesbrough Women FC
Full Name:
Tyler Louise Dodds
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Right Wing
Shirt number:


Sunderland AFC Ladies
Durham Women FC
Sunderland AFC Ladies
Middlesbrough Women FC


Tyler, tell us little about yourself…

I love football and have been playing since the age of 4 years old. I only really went to college and university just to keep playing at a high level and ended up with a BSc & MSc as well as representing England & Great Britain. I also love to sing, makes sense coming from a family of singers.

Why did you start playing football? And how important is football now for you?

I was a proper tomboy as a kid and loved anything active, played every and any sport but I was really good at football, and who doesn’t like footy? It’s really important to me because it’s so enjoyable and you should always do things that make you happy, plus it keeps me fit and healthy.

Who are the most important people within football environment?

I think the coaches are the most important people within football because you always want to be learning something new to improve otherwise you’re not challenging yourself enough. So having coaches that are approachable but knowledgeable is vital.

Tell us about your career to date – where have you played your football?

I’ve been playing football since the age of 4, started at a boys team until I was 10 where I had to join a girls team. Shortly after I got selected for Sunderland where I’ve spent most of my career. In that time I’ve played for Gateshead College then Northumbria University winning many league and cup titles. During this time I was selected for England (u19’s-u21’s) & The World University Games Taipei 2017 representing Great Britain. I had a season at Durham Women FC before returning to Sunderland AFC Ladies but I’m now playing for Middlesbrough Woman FC.

You love to sing very much. How do you balance your football and your day private life ?

It’s difficult but I love both football and singing and can’t give one up. Meaning I have a very busy life with an even busier weekend, full of travelling to both gigs and matches with not much sleep but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tyler, you was Boro’s top-scorer in the 2019/2020 season. How important was that moment for you ?

I’ve actually been top scorer for 2 years in a row now, hoping to make it 3 this season. However I don’t focus on being a goal scorer, if there’s a player in a better position than me and more likely to score then I’ll pass it. I love to cross the ball in and get assists just as much as scoring as it makes it more of a team effort. I’m so competitive and love winning that I just want 3 points at the end of the match, but it is a good feeling knowing I can score goals and make an impact.

Which current women’s player would you like to emulate in the future?

I look up to Kelly Smith so much, she was my idol as a kid growing up playing football and I wanted to be just like her. She scored goals for fun, had memorable celebrations and was needed on the pitch. 

What is the one change you’d like to see in the women’s game over the next 5 years?

I wish it wasn’t all about how much money a club earns. We give up a lot of our time to play football for free just because we love the sport, and so do our coaches, managers, and other staff members. So many clubs do really well in the league and don’t get promoted because they don’t have enough money. I hope in the future that every women’s team is associated with the men’s team just so it can be based on if the team deserves to go up because they’re worked hard all season and not pot luck on who gets promoted based on funding.

What is the most important football lesson you have learned and who taught you that?

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. I feel like this quote has been mentioned by nearly every football coach I have had because it is so true. Any player or coach would prefer to have someone on the pitch who is working hard not only for themselves but for the person beside them.

What is your ambition in your football career?

My forever goal would be to make it into the England Women’s senior team. It’s every girls dream to play at the highest level possible and it might sound silly but I’m not going to stop dreaming.



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