Interview Bradley Walker


Personal Details

Shrewsbury Town FC
Full Name:
Bradley Walker
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Centre Midfield
Shirt number:


Hartlepool United FC
Crewe Alexandra FC
2018-2019 (on loan)
Wrexham AFC
Shrewsbury Town FC
2019 (on loan)
Wrexham AFC


So Brad, tell us a bit about yourself! 

Born in Teeside, made my League 2 debut at 17 for Hartlepool then went on to play over 100 games before signing for Crewe where I played a full season then went on loan to Wrexham for half of season and then signed for Shrewsbury where I’ve been the last year and this year coming..

Brad, you began your career in the youth with Hartlepool United FC and signed a professional contract with the club in July 2013. Did you noticed a lot of difference between the youth and the first team ?

The thing I noticed more was that winning was so important and it meant a lot more to people with family’s and the mentality from a kid to a professional was a massive difference.

You made your debut in the Football League for Hartlepool United FC on 3 August 2013 in a 3–0 defeat away at Rochdale. How important was that moment for you ? Explain your answer.

It was very important because once I’d finished the game I knew exactly what it would take to have a decent career in the game and how hard you have got to keep working.

Brad you scored your first career goal in a 1–1 draw against Burton Albion in December 2013. How did you experience these match ?

We were 1-0 down and I was on the bench and I was brought on to make an impact and with seconds my first touch put one in the top corner. Very bizarre feeling and one i was very proud with.

On 4 July 2017, you signed a two-year deal with Crewe Alexandra FC. Why did you leave Hartlepool ? And did you noticed a lot of difference between these clubs?

I have always wanted to play at the highest level possible and when we were relegated with Hartlepool I still had a chance to remain in the football league and as much as it hurt been relegated and all Hartlepool done for me I had to what was best for my career. Not much difference at all apart from the dressing rooms where I’d gone from men back to a lot of young talented players.

After your two seasons by Crewe Alexandra, you moved to your current club Shrewsbury Town FC. Why did you chose for Shrewsbury ? And what is the best thing about playing for Shrewsbury ?

I had worked with gaffer on loan at Wrexham and done really well so when I had the chance to join it was a no brainier. Brilliant club with great fans and so welcoming to me and my family with a great bunch of lads. Training ground facilities are the best I’ve been at.

By Crewe Alexandra FC and Shrewsbury Town FC, you was loaned out to Wrexham AFC. How did you experience these period ?

Loved every minute of it, was a tough time for me during that time out of favour at Crewe and needed to play games and Wrexham was perfect for me to play games and show my ability. Shame it ended with injury.

You have played at several football clubs in different competitions. Brad at which club did you learned the most ? And why ?

I’ve had a lot of proud moments in football from doing the great escape with Hartlepool when it seemed impossible. Scoring my first career goal and scoring a goal on the day my grandad passed was special!

Brad, what is your proudest moment of your career so far? And why ?

I learnt a hell of a lot Hartlepool from been a young lad coming into the first team and players around me had already been and had their career. They helped me so much. But I think I’m learning the most now at Shrewsbury in League 1 as the higher you get the harder you have to work.

What is your ultimate dream in your football career ?

My ultimate dream in football is to play at the highest level possible. And stay there!!


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