Interview Jay Foulston


Personal Details

undefined Newport County AFC
Full Name:
Jay K Edward Foulston
undefined Welsh
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
undefined Swansea South
Centre half/left back
Shirt number:


undefined Newport County AFC
2019 (on loan)
undefined Merthyr Town FC
2019-2020 (on loan)
Chippenham Town FC


Hello Jay – tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a 19 year old football player who lives in Swansea and plays for Newport county! Football has always been a massive part of my life since I was young.

What are your specific qualities as a defender ? And why ?

My qualities as a defender I would say are on the ball as I like to play and try to keep my self-composed on the ball at all times!

Jay, you are a product of the Newport County academy. How did you get into the youth of Newport County AFC ?

I got into Newport academy just after I turned 15 as they were watching me when I played for Cardiff development squad and picked me up from there.

You made your senior debut for Newport County AFC, in the Football League Cup first round match versus Southend United FC. How did you experience these match ?

Yes made my debut against Southend United and it was an unreal moment for me something I’ve dreamt of all my life and was just a feeling that you can’t describe.

On 16 April 2018 you signed your first professional contract at Newport County AFC. How important was that moment for you ?

Was a massive moment for me as it was my first profession contract and was one of the most important moment in my life as it kick started my profession career.

By Newport County AFC, you was loaned out to Merthyr Town FC and Chippenham Town FC. How did you experience these periods?

Was two great loans for me as I gained a lot of experience from both and started to get the taste of playing men’s football week in week out and made me improve a lot as a player, think it made me an all-around better player.

Jay, You have played at several football clubs in several divisions. At which club did you learned the most?

I feel like I learnt the most at Chippenham town as I was playing week in week out against experienced teams/players and got a grasp of what it was like playing again experienced men and learning how to handle different types of players.

And what is the most important football lesson you have learned and who taught you that?

The most important lesson I have learnt in football is to take every chance you have when on the field cause you never know who’s watching and how long you will be in the team! If you play well you will keep your place, I have learnt this off of every manager I have played under!

What were your highs and lows during your football career?

My biggest high in my football career was making me profession debut again Southend as I was only 16 years old and made it in front of my family. The lows in football are getting injured knowing you will be out for a period so there was a time when I pulled my quad and just couldn’t get it right and eventually put me out for 6-8 weeks just kept coming and going.

Jay, what are your targets for the next season?

My targets for next season are to just enjoy my football where ever I play and to play week in week out.



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