Interview Kenny Clark


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Dagenham & Redbridge FC
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Kenny Clark
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Dagenham & Redbridge FC
Thurrock FC
Chelmsford City FC
Dartford FC
Ebbsfleet United FC
Dagenham & Redbridge FC


Tell us little about yourself…

My names Kenny Clark and I’m a 31 year old centre half, who is currently captain at Dagenham & Redbridge FC. I think I’m best known for being a no nonsense, tough tackling centre half.

How important is football for you?

Football has been such an important part of my life, I like to think it kept me on the straight and narrow and kept me out of trouble. It has given me the opportunity to do something that I have dreamt of since I was a kid! The experiences and people that I have met over the years has made me the person that I am today which I am extremely grateful for.

Why did you start playing football? And were you immediately a defender?

I fell in love with football during Euro 96 and from that tournament onwards there was always a ball at my feet. You wouldn’t believe but I started my football career out as a striker! Gradually moving back to midfield and then defence.

How did you get into the youth of Dagenham & Redbridge FC ? And who helped you the most?

I was playing for Dagenham United who in my last year of junior football became Dagenham & Redbridge FC. Soon after I was pulled out and put with the reserves, which progressed quickly to the 1st team.
Robbie Garvey and John Still helped me the most whilst at Dagenham and had a huge influence in moulding me in to the player that I am today. Players such as Lee Goodwin, Anwar Uddin and Dave Rainford also had a huge impact on me.

After your time by Dagenham & Redbridge FC, you moved to Thurrock FC. Did you noticed a lot of difference between these clubs?

At Dagenham it was a team full of men who knew their jobs and understood what it takes to be a winner. When I went to Thurrock it was very different, we was a very young team who was learning our trade and had to grow up quick!

In July 2011, you moved from Thurrock FC to Chelmsford City FC. And you stay there for two season. How was your time there ?

My time at Chelmsford FC was brilliant, we had two lots of playoffs and 2 fantastic FA Cup runs where we made history for the club reaching the 2nd round by beating League 1 Colchester in an Essex derby.

In 2018, you signed for Ebbsfleet United FC, where you played four years. Why did you leave Ebbsfleet United FC ?

I had four fantastic years at Ebbsfleet where we reached the playoffs 3 times, setting a new unbeaten record and finishing the highest position in the clubs history which was one game away from the playoff final to the football league. There was a lot going on at the club behind closed doors and it was a really unsettling time as a player. The opportunity come up to sign for Dagenham & Redbridge where it all began so I jumped at the chance.

You have played at several football clubs. At which club did you learned the most? And why ?

It’s tough to say which club I learnt the most because I believe at each club I have learned something new either about myself as an individual or as part of a team. I would probably say I learnt what it takes to win and be successful at Ebbsfleet. There was a winning mentality that was installed in to us day in, day out. Taking it easy or not working hard wasn’t accepted!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever experienced in a match? And why ?

It would have to be when I won promotion with Ebbslfeet via the playoffs because of the rollercoaster of emotions involved. The previous year we lost on penalties in the final and in the first half of the following season we went down to 10 men. To make things worse we went 1-0 down early in the 2nd half. The feeling of Deja-vu and failing again was running through my mind. All season long as a group of players we had this never say die attitude and it wasn’t over until the final whistle. We always believed that we could come back from anything. Big Dave Winfield made it 1-1 and the buzz inside the ground was electric! From that moment on we knew the game was ours! We went on to win 2-1 and the feeling at the end of game was like nothing I had ever felt before!

Kenny, what is your ultimate dream after your football career ?

I would love to stay in the game and be a manager one day to be able to pass the knowledge and experience that I have learnt over the years on to the next generation.


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