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Personal Details

Kings Lynn Town FC
Full Name:
Alex Street
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Kings Lynn
Shirt number:


Wisbech Town FC
Kings Lynn Town FC
2012-2013 (on loan)
Wisbech Town FC
2012-2013 (on loan)
Deeping Rangers FC
2012-2013 (on loan)
Spalding United FC
2013-2014 (on loan)
Leiston FC


Introduce yourself…

Hello, my name is Alex Street and I am the goalkeeper for Kings Lynn Town FC.

What type of goalkeeper are you ?

I would say I’m very confident with my ability loud love coming for a cross and a little bit of a sweeper keeper.

Alex, who was the player, or players, you looked up to most growing up, and why?

Well I am a Bolton wanderers fan living in Norfolk. So growing up my ideals were Jussi Jääskeläinen and Robert green. Jussi was a good goalkeeper for Bolton very consistent never did anything dramatic. I used to by my boots at the time which were what he wore (Adidas world cups) rob green I was a fan of just because they were the local big team that I used to go watch now and then. Every time he played when I watched he played really well making big saves throughout the games. I just became a fan!

How do you prepare for an (important) competition? (music, rituals, etc.)

My preparation is simple, I will have a big breakfast usually mid-morning then I won’t eat until after the match. I’ll be honest the music before some of our games is pony! So I’ll sneak out early for a stretch. As for superstitions I’m not a huge believer because I think you create your own fortunes but I do seem to but my left side on before the right side (left sock before right sock) not sure why it has just seem to have stuck.

What can you remember about your first team debut with King’s Lynn Town FC ?

My league debut for kings Lynn was a 3-0 loss to the team that won the league that season! Even though I did ok as a young goalkeeper at the time that was the start to my KLTFC career I wanted ! We did go on to finish second on something ridiculous like 105 points.

By King’s Lynn Town FC, you was loaned out to Wisbech Town FC and Leiston FC. How did you experience these periods?

When I got loaned out I was gutted it hit me quite hard, was because I probably got complacent and stopped really pushing my limits. That did give me the drive to lose a-bit of weight and get fitter which I did and felt better for doing so. I had a couple of games throughout that season at Spalding, Wisbech, market Deeping. But being a loanee for a few games here or there doesn’t build you in to match fitness or give you the spark to enjoy where you’re playing because you don’t feel part of the team that already has a chemistry and to be honest don’t know anything about you or what your capable of doing. I then went to Leiston early the following season same level as kings Lynn step 3 really enjoyed it there playing about 12 games I think until I got recalled back to kings Lynn.

What is the most important football lesson you have learned and who taught you that? And why ?

This is a tough one for me and I read the term (value of sacrifice) which is basically especially non-league players. The hours you put into training, the miles you put in to travelling to training and matches. Booking time of work and taking half days / full days for training and matches. Leaving your family Friday afternoons and getting home at the late/early hours of Saturday night’s/Sunday mornings. It took its toll on the stress/ fatigue levels but when I found that balance. I’m now in a physically better place and a happier place.

Alex, what were your highs and lows during your football career?

Highs, one of my biggest highs was when I represented England colleges, was a massive achievement for me when I was 17. The way the outfit (team) was run I felt like a professional even though it was only for a short period of time I will never forget it! My time a kings Lynn has been very good really I have had 3 promotions with a 4th potentially just around the corner so I would say that’s been a good high. The best was the super play off final win last season to get us into the conference north. I’ve not had many lows, a couple pop to mind is losing in the semi-final of the Fa vase knowing Wembley was around the corner! And losing in the playoff final a couple of seasons ago.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever experienced in a match?

Nothing crazy really pops into my mind, I’ve seen some rare old things happen at matches, fights break out on the pitch in the stand. One thing that always pops in my head is one game we had to kick the ball back to the opposite Goalkeeper, our player must have been 10 yards inside my half. He strikes the ball with the laces towards the goalkeeper. The keeper is reacting quite slowly but it goes over his head and straight in the back of the net! This cause some commotion we didn’t let them have a goal either as we thought goalkeeper should have caught it, luckily we won by 5 or 6 goals.

What is your ambition after your football career?

My ambition after or whilst I’m still playing is to try and help at least one kid fulfil their dreams to become a pro footballer. goalkeeper coaching in my area is only now getting better for kids so I’d like to give them the help that I didn’t receive at their age.


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