Interview Rosie axten



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Derby County LFC
Full Name:
Rosie Jane axten
Date of Birth:
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Leicester City LFC
Coventry United LFC
Derby County LFC


So Rosie – tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello, I’m Rosie- I play for Derby County Women! I work at a hotel and bar, which I also enjoy as it fits in perfectly with my football, meaning I have time also to get to the gym and go out for runs too.

How important is football for you?

Football is very important to me, as I have played since 9 years old, it has always been first priority for me. I think the enjoyment side of it, is why it is so important to me, as I always have something to look forward to during the week (Game Day.) it is everything to me. The feeling you get when you are on that pitch is amazing.

Who was the player, or players, you looked up to most growing up, and why?

I’ve always looked up to the likes of Ronaldo, just because of how skilful he is- it amazes me sometimes, he’s just great to watch! Also Rooney, because as a kid I liked Man Utd, and would watch their games a lot, and he scored a lot of goals, and some bangers too.

You came from the youth of Leicester City Women. How did you get into the youth of Leicester City ? And who helped you the most?

I just went for trials and then I was always part of the centre of excellence throughout each year. I would probably say my Mum helped me out the most, as she always took me to every training, and all of the matches, I wouldn’t of been able to go, if it wasn’t for my Mum, and she always motivated me before each game!

After your youth, you played for the first team of Leicester City. Did you noticed a lot of difference between the youth and the first team ?

I would say the physical strength was probably the main thing, as you could be a lot younger then people you were playing against, but you soon get used to it! Strength is a great quality to have now in the Women’s game.

Last summer you moved to Coventry United Ladies. Why did you leave Leicester City Women ?

I honestly just fancied a different challenge, as I had been at Leicester since the age of 9 years old, obviously it was also hard to leave because of how long I had been there for. I wanted to experience how it was being at a different club, alongside different players etc.

In February 2020, you signed for Derby County FC. What is the best thing about playing for Derby County ?

I love playing for Derby. I’ve always played against them when I played for Leicester, and it always was a good game to be a part of. I think the best thing about playing for Derby is that I know they are a very ambitious club, and I know they have the right set up, to ensure that they get to the highest level possible and I want to be a part of that for the foreseeable future! 

You have played at several football clubs. At which club did you learned the most?

I have learnt different things at all of them. Obviously I was at Leicester a long time, and they have got me to where I am now as a player. I learnt how to be confident as a player at Leicester as they always had so much faith and confidence in me. At Derby, I just enjoy the training so much, so it just comes naturally really to improve things all the time, I’ve only just started at Derby, but I can already tell it was a great club to move to, and that I am going to learn a lot with the players, manager and coaches we have.

Rosie, if the competition starts again. what are your personal goals for the rest of this season?

Unfortunately, this season has had to come to an end now- so I am focusing on next season. This means that when we do start playing again, I am just going to put 100% percent in from the start, work as hard as I possibly can, so I can gain the best results possible. My personal goals would be to get as many goals as I can next season!

What is your ultimate dream for your football career ?

At the moment, it would be to play in the championship with Derby! As a dream, I would love to play in the super league, so I will continue to work the hardest I can.



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