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Concord Rangers FC
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Billy Roast
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Colchester United FC
Maldon & Tiptree FC
Concord Rangers FC
Dartford FC
Concord Rangers FC


Tell us little about yourself…

Hello, I’m Billy Roast and I play for Concord Rangers FC.

Billy, what type of defender is are you ?

I am a ball playing central defender however this season I have changed into a defensive midfielder and I love it!

How do you prepare for an (important) competition? (music, rituals, etc.) And why ?

I don’t really have many rituals really I just try to have a good healthy breakfast and feel positive on game day followed by some 80s music!

You started your career at Colchester United FC. How did you get into the youth of Colchester United FC ? And who helped you the most?

I loved my time at Colchester I was there for 7 years John Mcgreal and Wayne brown were brilliant to work for and under but I have to thank joe Dunne for giving me my first professional contract!

After your time by Colchester United FC, you moved to Concord Rangers FC. Did you noticed a lot of difference between these clubs?

Erm apart from the full time training I didn’t really notice a lot of difference, concord is a fantastic club and I love playing my football there. It’s run by great people.

In July 2018, you moved from Colchester to Dartford FC. And you stay there for one season. How was your time there ?

I loved my short time at Dartford it’s another great club with great support! I wasn’t getting the game time I wanted at that time of my career so I decided to move on and get some regular minutes!

Billy, you returned to Concord Rangers in the summer of 2019. What is the best thing about playing for Concord ?

I would say the best thing about concord is the way it is run it very professional and the people are great. It was not a hard decision at all to return to the club!

What is the most important football lesson you have learned and who taught you that?

I would say the most important lesson I have learnt in football is to never give up and to keep going until that whistle is blown, there is always time.

What were your highs and lows during your football career?

My low time in football was definitely suffering two ankle operations in a row just after signing my first pro contract it was very tough mentally at the time, my highest moment was either signing my first contract and telling my parents or getting through to the semi-finals of FA trophy this season which hopefully we can finish!

Billy, what are your personal goals for the rest of this season? And why ?

I guess my personal goal is to remain focussed and ready for hopefully when this season continues I believe we all have a job to finish however there are more important things in place at the moment and the safety and health of people will always be more important.


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