Interview Alex Newby



Personal Details

Chorley FC
Full Name:
Alex Newby
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Attacking Midfielder
Shirt number:


Barrow AFC
2016 (on loan)
Kendal Town FC
Clitheroe FC
Chorley FC


Introduce yourself…

I’m Alex Newby and play for Chorley FC.

What are your specific qualities as a football player? Explain your answer.

I’d say I’m the type of player always looking to be positive and make things happen, I enjoy being in 1v1 situations and creating chances and scoring goals.

How do you prepare for an (important) competition? (music, rituals, etc.)

I wouldn’t say I have any pre game rituals really, but I’ll usually eat the same thing and eat at the same time on a matchday.

Alex, you began your senior career at Barrow AFC. Did you noticed a lot of difference between the youth academy and the first by Barrow AFC ?

Yes I definitely felt a difference going from youth team football. The first pre-season with Barrow was physically more demanding but I learnt a lot from the more experienced players that season. There was some great characters in that squad.

In July 2016, you moved from Barrow AFC to Clitheroe FC. And you stay there for twee season. How was your time there ?

I really enjoyed my time at Clitheroe, I found it difficult at first, it was my first season at that level and I struggled to adapt. I’d just been released from Barrow, my confidence was low and I wasn’t impacting games the way I should of. But gradually I became more comfortable and I played some of my best football towards the end of my time there. It’s probably the place where I really started proving what I could do on a regular basis and getting more attention.

After your time by Clitheroe FC, you signed in 2018 for Chorley FC, where you now play together with your brother! Was that one of the reasons to sign for Chorley FC?

Signing for Chorley was an easy decision for me, it was a step up 2 leagues but I’ve always found it easier with better players around me and we had some top players. When we got promoted last season it was almost a relief because we’d been at the top all season and I almost felt that there was too much quality in our squad to not achieve anything.

You have played for Barrow AFC, Kendal Town FC, Clitheroe and Chorley FC. At which club did you learned the most? And why ?

I’ve probably learned the most in my time at Chorley, I think as a player you learn the most from playing games and experience and I’ve played almost 100 games for Chorley now and definitely feel like I’ve improved over that time.

Alex, what is your best game you’ve ever been involved ? And why ?

The best game I’ve been involved in was the playoff final last season against spennymoor, winning on penalties is the best way to do it but it was a rollercoaster of emotions especially after missing my penalty in the shootout. Still the best moment in my career so far!

What is your ultimate dream for your football career ?

I want to play at the highest level I can, win trophies and hopefully have a long career in professional football.


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