Interview Devon Arnold



Personal Details

Yeovil Town FC
Full Name:
Devon Arnold
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Shirt number:


Yeovil Town FC
2019 (on loan)
Dorchester Town FC


Tell us little about yourself…

Hi I’m Devon. I’m 18 and I’m currently still a part of the youth team at Yeovil Town Football Club. I’ve been at Yeovil since u16’s and since then have pushed my way into the first team during my first year as a scholar. Becoming a footballer is my dream and has been ever since I can remember.

How important is football for you?

Football is the most important thing to me, after my family, because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. It’s the only thing I really feel I excel in and I have such a strong passion for the game and has been a dream of mine since I can remember.

Who was the player, or players, you looked up to most growing up, and why?

I’m still learning the game and I’m always watching the top strikers such as Aguero and Kane or someone I feel I’m much more similar to in terms of my playing style such as Jamie Vardy.  I look to get in behind with pace and aggression and look to be very direct in getting towards goal because at the end of the day all I want to do is score goals.

What are your biggest strengths? And what are your biggest weaknesses?

My biggest strength is probably my speed and mental strength to keep pushing because in the end, all I want to do is win. I’m sharp with and without the ball and can get past players to get into goal scoring opportunities. My biggest weakness is that I am always trying to do too much and I can’t stand losing.

Devon, you started your football career by Yeovil Town FC. How did you experienced the youth competitions?

Being a part of the youth system, and still being involved because of my age, it really gives me the freedom to go and express myself where there is more freedom. My first experience of youth football was when I was 16 and was playing up an age group and even played in the FA youth cup and it was my first real experience of a competition where losing was no option. It set a benchmark for me and I’ve pushed myself to win in anything I’ve done.

Did you noticed a lot of difference between the youth of Yeovil and the first team ?

The biggest difference I noticed between the youth team and first team was the speed and physicality of the game. I had to be smarter and quicker and you’re always trying to think one step ahead.

On 1 January 2019, you made your debut for Yeovil Town FC in the EFL League Two in a match against Cheltenham Town FC. At the age of just 17 years and 38 days you broke the record for the youngest Yeovil Town player in the English Football League. How important was that moment for you ? 

This is, by far, my biggest achievement yet. It was very important to me because it was a reflection of how hard I worked to earn the managers trust to put me on the pitch. It wasn’t easy going into a men’s football environment as a 16/17 year old but I pushed myself and the rewards came.

By Yeovil Town FC, you was loaned out to Dorchester Town FC. How did you experience these periods?

Going to Dorchester I was excited for a new challenge and was hoping to make an impact on the team. The team was in a difficult period and so I could feel the tension of how important it was for me to give it 100% whenever I was given the opportunity whether it was a full 90 minutes or 20 minutes at the end. I had to be an impact player and made sure I worked to the best of my ability.

What is your ultimate dream for your football career ?

My dream in my football career is to play in the premier league. Being recognised as a player with the talent, desire and passion needed to perform at the highest level. My ultimate dream is to one day play for England.

Devon, what are your personal goals for the rest of this season?

My personal goals for the rest of the season are to carry on working as hard as I can and earn a professional contract. I want to keep learning and keep working hard, ready to make that permanent step into first team football.



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