Interview Lewis Miccio



Personal Details

Kidderminster Harriers FC
Full Name:
Lewis Miccio
undefined New Zealand
undefined Italy
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Left wing back
Shirt number:


Manly United FC
Kidderminster Harriers FC


Introduce yourself…

Hi, I’m Lewis Miccio, I’m 21 years old, from Sydney, Australia and I’m a Left wing back.

How important is football for you? Explain your answer.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been playing football and I can’t see myself doing anything else. I’ve left everything back in Australia behind in order to pursue my dream so football is literally everything for me. You don’t realise how much you do love the game until you have to go without it either through injury, off season or other circumstances. It is definitely one of those things that I can’t cope without.

Who are the most important people within football environment?

That’s a really good question because there are so many important people in football. Good team mates who expect high standards from everyone on the pitch but are able to have a laugh off the pitch make the day to day life of football even more enjoyable. The manager and coaching staff are obviously very important as well, they take the sessions and are responsible for teaching the tactics and the teams style of play but also provide individual feedback which helps with development and confidence. And of course the fans play a massive role especially on game days, having their support gives you the extra boost of energy and encouragement that can really impact a game.

How do you prepare for an (important) competition? (music, rituals, etc.)

I do have some superstitions when it comes to getting ready for a game. I don’t think they’re too outrageous but I always have poached eggs on avocado toast for breakfast, I have a specific order that I put my kit on, I have certain songs I like to listen to before I arrive at the ground and I always warm up with my shin pads on to get ready for the game.

In your youth, you played football for Central Coast Mariners FC. How did you experience these period?

It was a very instrumental part of my playing career, obviously the Central Coast Mariners are an A League club so being around a professional environment  helped me prepare for full-time football. It was a tough time however with many different staff changes, it made it hard to keep your momentum going from one season to the other but it definitely helped to develop resilience and perseverance to get through the difficult times and help shape the player I am today.

After your time by Central Coast Mariners FC, you moved to Manly United FC. Was there a lot of difference between these clubs?

The Central Coast Mariners was a youth team environment so even that the quality of the players was very similar, the physicality of men’s football was the main difference. At Manly United, physical fitness and strength were focused on a lot more. Academy football is largely focused on development of young players and learning more about the game whereas at Manly, the intensity and desire to win games was a big focal point. I really enjoyed my time at Manly, I had a bit more freedom going forward and made some great mates over the course of the season.

You have played football in New Zealand, Australia and England. Did you noticed a lot of difference between the country’s ?

Yes most definitely. In New Zealand I played majority of my youth football and then made the transition to a professional club in Australia. So from that change there was obviously a big step up in the quality of players and intensity of the game. Of course the weather in Australia is a lot warmer than New Zealand so the heat was definitely something I had to get used to. Comparing Australia and New Zealand to playing in England, again there are massive differences. It’s almost a different game! The style of play, the physicality, the intensity, the pitches and of course the weather. There are so many different factors but I feel in a way that I’m better suited to English football.

What were your highs and lows during your football career?

I’ve had many of both to be honest. More recently the good moments have been my season at Manly United. Playing there reignited my passion for the game and I made some lifelong friends there, I feel like in turn it affected my performances on the field and heavily contributed to a call up into the New Zealand u23 training camp. Ironically one of the low points was getting injured on the first day of that National team camp. And then of course another great moment was signing with Kidderminster Harriers, to start hopefully a great part of career in England.

In February 2020 you signed a contract with Kidderminster Harriers FC. Why did you choose for the English club Kidderminster Harriers FC ?

It was an easy choice coming to Kidderminster, an old club with a lot of history and full-time football. In order for me to developed even further as a player that’s what I need. And in my first week at the club I got a really good feel of the club, my teammates, the staff and just the environment as a whole.

Lewis, what are your personal goals for the rest of this season?

My personal goals for the rest of the season are to get as much game time and experience to develop my personal game, but also help the club as much as possible to climb as far up the ladder until the end of the season.



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