Tyler Walton

Tyler Walton


Personal Details

Farsley Celtic FC
Full Name:
Tyler Walton
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Centre midfield
Shirt number:


York City FC
Farsley Celtic FC


Introduce yourself…

Hi I’m Tyler Walton, 21 from Leeds and I play for Farsley Celtic FC.

How do you prepare for an (important) match? (music, rituals, etc.) 

To prepare for a match I make sure I’ve had a good night’s sleep, wake up feeling fresh, have my breakfast and drink plenty of fluids.

Who are the most important people within football environment?

I think the most important people in football are our team mates and our gaffer! Everyone wants to play so you’ve got to make sure our training at the best you can to keep our place in the squad. Also been young learning of older team mates helps out a lot.

Tyler, you have played the York City FC youth system. How did you get into the youth of York City FC ? And who helped you the most?

I was at a college team called UFCA, they play all professional academy teams, we ended up playing against York when I got asked if I wanted to go for a trail. After my trail I got signed.

In 2016 you moved from the youth of York City to the first team. Did you noticed a lot of difference ?

Yes when I made the move and signed my 1st professional contract it was massive for me, been only 17 was scary but I knew I had to take this opportunity with both hands and just give everything I had.

After three years by York City FC, you moved in 2019 to your current football club. How did you experience your period with York City?

My experience at York was a little crazy, I learnt loads of new things and met some amazing people, I would of wished to have played more games but the position they was in they was looking for experience over youth.

You became a Farsley Celtic FC player in July 2019. How were you welcomed at Farsley Celtic FC?

Signing for Farsley has been a massive highlight of my career, the lads, gaffer, coaching staff everyone involved made me feel welcome and I’m enjoying my time here.

What is the most important football lesson you have learned and who taught you that? And why ?

I think it’s important to just be confident and play with a small on our face, I feel like if you aren’t enjoying yourself playing football then our not playing to the best of our ability..

What are your personal goals this season?

Personally this season I want to play as many games as possible, score and win and see where we end up at the end of the season, we have a great bunch of lads and I don’t see why we can’t push for the play-offs and give it a good go..

Tyler, what is your dream for your football career ?

My dream now it to just push on, play well, score goals and keep enjoying football, it’s something I’ve done as a kid, I want to keep going and see how much of a career I can make out of it.

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