Interview Niall Maher


Personal Details

FC Halifax town
Full Name:
Niall Callum James Peter Maher
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Shirt number:


Bolton Wanderers FC
2015 (on loan)
Blackpool FC
Bury FC
Galway United FC
AFC Telford United
FC Halifax Town


Introduce yourself…

I’m Niall Maher, 24 years old from Manchester England . I’m a defender / midfielder and comfy in both positions.

How do you prepare for an (important) match? (music, rituals, etc.)

I wouldn’t say I have any major things I do before games I think it just depends on my mood away from the ground what I listen to music wise . I always have a moment to myself and tell myself do yourself proud and do it for everyone who comes to support you and loved ones who are no longer with us.

Niall, you started your football career by Bolton Wanderers FC since the age of ten. How did you experienced the youth competitions?

So I was actually 6 when I joined Bolton and I really enjoyed my time there. It was good as we got to travel all over the country at good elite academy’s like Chelsea, Arsenal and many more and you kind of get to understand the different styles of football and how other people were coached. I found myself lucky and got to go abroad and experienced competitions in Holland, Germany against teams like (Dortmund, PSV , Ajax) was amazing as you only see these teams on tele and on the PlayStation and to see the different philosophies that clubs teach their players on how they want them to progress and learn like the first team is amazing and got me understanding the game a lot more now I watch it and learn.

You made your first team debut on 2 April 2016 for Bolton Wanderers FC against Reading FC. How important was these moment for you?

My debut for Bolton was probably a longer wait than I expected and injuries maybe stopped me from pushing on but to finally do it after being at the club for 14 years was a very special moment. It wasn’t just for me it was for my family and friends around me and I know it was a moment we won’t forget. A proud moment for my parents who I can’t thank enough for the support and hours of travelling to every training session and games after work and the hours they gave up to see my achieve my goals.

On 22 January 2015, you joined Blackpool FC in a one-month loan and you made your Football League debut. How did you experience these Month?

I enjoyed it 19 and out on loan was a big decision and one that I relish to this day as it went from 1 month loan to end of the season and I thought I did very well. It was different as you see the competitive edge of games goes up massively from reserve team football and you are actually fighting for survival and 3 points and for your spot in the squad next week. It changes you from a boy to a man and makes you realise if you don’t play well then you won’t be selected the week after , whereas reserve team football you kind of thought well I will play next week as well if I wasn’t at my best today and I see with other lads that happened and they didn’t progress and didn’t play in the next game.

After Bolton Wanderers and Blackpool you moved to Bolton’s close neighbours Bury FC. Why did you chose for Bury FC ?

It was the right move for me in my career and was a team where  I was looking to play 25+ games and start to really establish myself in football. I did this and it’s made me progress and learn from scenarios I found myself in then and made me a better player now.

By Bury FC, you scored your first goal against Burton Albion in an EFL Cup match. How important was that moment for you?

Very special moment and my debut for Bury so to score with a free kick was a moment I will remember my first goal in senior football and one in front of my family.

You’ve played for a lot of football clubs, in England and Ireland. At which club do you have learned the most so far?

I’d say Halifax where I am now , I have played a lot of games here and found myself in scenarios on the pitch and it’s made me grow and learn more as a player / person as I am actually playing and not just watching so you do learn from what you do well and can improve on.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever experienced in a match?

I wouldn’t say there has been a crazy moment … but my free kick against Burton will be a memory I will never forget.

What are your personal goals for this season?

My goals this year are to play many more games for my development and progress and get better. My contribution can hopefully help myself and the team to get to where we want to become end of the season and who knows we’ll see what the future has in store.


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