Interview Amos Kabeya



Personal Details

Bradford (PA) AFC
Full Name:
Amos Kabeya
DR Congo
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
undefined Kinshasa
Shirt Number:


KA Akureyri FC
Khaitan Sporting Club
Torquay United FC
Braintree Town FC
Bishop’s Stortford FC
Ossett Albion AFC
Matlock Town FC
undefined Qormi FC
Bradford (PA) AFC


Introduce yourself…

My Amos Kabeya, born In DR Congo but raised in England precisely Rotherham/Coventry.

How important is football to you?

Football is one of the most important things in my life as it’s my everything because have sacrificed ALOT and still sacrificing for the love of the GAME.

What are your specific qualities as a football player?

Speed/power, work rate and movement. Speed kills and no defenders like defending against speed, and work rate most important thing in football as it’s a team game, you have to work for the team, movement because I’m always on the move and troubling defenders.

You were born in Coventry, England, In 2015 you moved for 1 season to KA Akureyri from Iceland. Why did you moved to Iceland? And how did you experience the football in Iceland?

I had a great time there as it was my first time playing abroad, I moved mainly to play games at a top level.

After 1 season in Iceland you moved to Khaitan Sporting Club from Kuwait. But after one month you went back to England. Why did you leave Khaitan Sporting Club after one month?

I was in Kuwait for 3 months actually, I followed the money to be honest and at that age I shouldn’t have as life style out there was very hard, because Kuwait is a very strict country and certain things I experienced out there I didn’t like it, but got contacted from an agent Saying how Northampton was interested at the time which made my decision a lot easier.

In England you have played a lot of matches at different clubs after your period in Iceland and Kuwait. Have you noticed a lot of difference between those clubs?

Yeah just the level of professionalism at certain clubs didn’t match the league that they play in.

In 2018 you moved for one season to Qormi FC from Malta. How did you experience these period?

Was great experience as the level there’s very good you would be surprised , but only down side it’s the level of professionalism again in terms of getting payed on time , match fixing ect… that’s off putting to be honest.

What is the most important football lesson you have learned and who taught you that?

The most important thing in football have learned is to Work hard and Run, run and run give my 100% so when I retire I don’t regret a thing.

What were your highs and lows during your football career?

My Highs was playing out abroad getting a lot of experience playing in top division against top players and also playing Europa league against Shaktar Donets and Sparta Moscow and lows have been have not settled in as well has u would like in few clubs have been at in England.

What are your personal goals this season?

To score 10/15 goals this season.

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