Interview Josh Wilde


Personal Details

Alfreton Town FC
Full Name:
Josh Wilde
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Left Back, Defender
Shirt number:


Buxton FC
Gainsborough Trinity FC
North Ferriby United FC
FC Halifax Town
Alfreton Town FC


Introduce yourself…

My name is Josh Wilde and I play for Alfreton Town and work full time as a Senior Practitioner for Small Steps Nottinghamshire (provide support to families who ’s children are diagnosed with Autism or ADHD or show characteristic behaviours of ASD or ADHD).

How important is football to you?

Football is my life and always will be and I am dreading the day already when I have I retire and hope to say involved by managing or coaching.

How do you prepare for an (important) competition? (music, rituals, etc.)

I make sure I have the same evening meal on a Friday as it’s starts there for me, I have Spag Bol and then on a Saturday morning I have 3 slices of toast and 3 boiled eggs at 10 o’clock and then eat nothing else before the game. I also have to put the same amount of tape around my socks 3 times round on the top and 4 times round on the bottom. Other than that I just try to stay relaxed.

In the youth you played for Sheffield Wednesday FC. How was your time there? 

I was at Sheffield Wednesday from the age of 8 to 18 and played all the way through and for the reserves but never made a 1st team appearance I played in the same year group as Liam Palmer. To be honest I loved it until I got to U18s and the academy manager who was our manager wasn’t great, didn’t make it enjoyable. I did learn a lot obviously from all the years there and had some great times but not towards the end.

After the youth you moved to Buxton FC. Did you noticed a lot of difference between Sheffield Wednesday FC and Buxton FC ?

Yes it was a lot different to youth and reserve team football as it was very physical and fast paced and I loved my time there great team, staff and fans. One of my favourite times of playing was at Buxton.

In July 2012 you signed a contract by Gainsborough Trinity. How did you experience these period?

Yes great move for me at the time and again loved it there gave my all and it was dampened by some things said in the paper about myself and the manger and to be honest it was the manager going against his word but I loved my time there as had some great times.

Before you moved to Alfreton Town FC, you played football for FC Halifax Town. Why did you leave FC Halifax Town after two years ?

Halifax is a huge club and playing for them was an honour in that ground and with the fans every week. I left them as I didn’t agree with the new mangers persona and knew it would be similar to my time at Sheff Wed and didn’t enjoy it then and don’t want to waste my years playing and not enjoying it, if there was a different manager there I would have loved to stay.

You’ve played for a lot of different clubs. By which club did you learned the most ?

2 Years only how long I usually stay at clubs don’t really know why just appears to be a theme but I hope at Alfreton I stay longer and break the trend. I think I have learnt a lot from all of them none no more than another as they all had different elements and challenges.

What is your ambition in your football career?

My ambition has always been to play professional football but I think that maybe fading now as I am 28 years old at the end of this season. I have achieved a lot in my career with 2 promotions, played at the top tier of non-league football and won FA Trophy.

What are your personal goals this season?

I have finally been made captain for the first time which I am loving but got injured and been out for a few weeks now and got a scan to come so hope it’s not too bad. The aim has to be to reach the play offs this season and I know the team will do all they can to achieve this goal.


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