Alefe Santos

Alefe Santos


Personal Details

Aldershot Town FC
Full Name:
Alefein Santos D’Abadia
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
São Paulo
Shirt number:


Bristol Rovers FC
Derby County FC
2015 (on loan)
Notts County FC
2016 (on loan)
Eastleigh FC
Yeovil Town FC
Aldershot Town FC


Introduce yourself… (Who are you ? )

My name is Alefe Santos and play football for Aldershot Town FC

How important is football to you?

It’s very important to me as it’s something I love and can do something I love every day.

How do you prepare for an (important) match? (music, rituals, etc.)

I watch players that play in my position to try gain ideas to implement that into how I play.

You was born in São Paulo before you moved to England. Why did you came to England ? And how was moving to England for you ?

I moved to England because my mum met my step dad and I found it very hard as I didn’t speak the language so I had to learn it quite quick.

In England you came in the youth by Bristol Rovers FC. How did you get into the youth of Bristol Rovers FC ? And who helped you the most?

I got scouted by playing for my Sunday league team and then I went on trial. They then offered me a two year scholarship. My old coach for my Sunday league team helped me the most with the support of my parents.

You made your professional debut in November 2012 in a 4–0 defeat against Port Vale in the Football League Two. How important was that moment for you ?

It was a great moment making my debut for the first time being the youngest to make a debut at that age. It was a very great moment for myself and my family to see.

Alefe, after your time at Bristol Rovers FC you have played at several football clubs. At which club did you learned the most?

I learnt the most at Derby because I worked with some very good managers, coaches and working with some of the top players. They gave me very good advice and support throughout my time there.

You played football in the National League, League Two, League One and the Championship. Have you noticed a lot of difference between those competitions?

The lower you get the harder it is and the higher you get it’s easier as you get to play with players that are at the same level as you. I have learnt a lot more so in the lower leagues.

What is your best moment in your football career?

Making my debut for Derby County.

What are your personal goals this season?

To play as many games as I can and learn everything the games for myself and for the team. Try to finish the season on a high with scoring goals.


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