Interview Sam Deadfield

Sam Deadfield

Personal Details

Hampton & Richmond Borough FC
Full Name:
Sam Jack Deadfield
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Centre Midfield
Shirt number:


Beaconsfield SYCOB FC
Basingstoke Town FC
Hampton & Richmond Borough FC


Introduce yourself… (Who are you ? )

Sam Deadfield, born and live in Reading, 22 years old.

Who are the most important people within football environment?

Most important people for me have to be teammates, whether that be past or present some of my best mates I’ve met through football.

What makes you a good football player? And what are your strongest qualities as midfielder ?

Agility/being light on my feet and range of passing. I’d like to think of myself as quite a technical player so being able to get on the ball and make things happen.

In the youth you played football for Birmingham City FC. How did you experienced The youth competencies ?

I found my time at Birmingham city extremely enjoyable and met some great people. It was also a massive learning curve for me to mature quickly not only in football but In life generally.

After your time at Birmingham City FC, you moved to Beaconsfield SYCOB FC. Did you noticed a lot of difference between this clubs ?

Yes a big difference in things such as facilities etc but that’s to be expected. But I found there wasn’t a huge gulf on the football side of things. Had a very good manager there at the time in Geoff Warner who I knew for years prior and he helped me massively with the step into non-league football.

You’ve played for Birmingham City FC, Beaconsfield SYCOB FC, Basingstoke Town FC and now for Richmond Borough FC. At which club have learned the most ?

I think I learnt the most during my time at Birmingham city being surrounded by top coaches and some of the best players I’ve played with it was very easy to learn things off them and implement certain things into my game.

Since July 2019 you play at Hampton & Richmond Borough FC. Why did you choose for Hampton & Richmond Borough FC?

I chose Hampton & Richmond for a few reason, playing in the conference south is something I hadn’t done prior to this season so wanted a new challenge also speaking to the manager Gary Mccann and hearing his ideas and thoughts with the club going forward seemed exciting and something I wanted to be a part of.

Sam, how is your biggest inspiration ?

Biggest inspiration in football is Iniesta, the guy was and still is a genius.

What are your personal goals this season?

Personal goals this season are to get 10+league goals and a decent amount of assists.

What’s your ultimate dream?

Don’t really have a single ‘ultimate dream’ obviously to pursue my football career to as high as I can. As long as I’m enjoying it I’m happy.


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