Interview Harry Palmer


Personal Details

Ebbsfleet United FC
Full Name:
Harry Palmer
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Canvey Island
Shirt number:


Braintree Town FC
2016 (on loan)
Lewes FC
Haringey Borough FC
Dorking Wanderers FC
Canvey Island FC
Ebbsfleet United FC


Introduce yourself…

My name is Harry Palmer I am 23 and I am a professional football for Ebbsfleet united.

How important is football for you? 

For me it’s something I have always wanted to have a career in. So to be able to every day go and do something I love makes it even more enjoyable.

Why have you chosen to go goalkeeping? 

In a short answer I wasn’t good enough as a striker! I started off at 7 playing up front and couldn’t get in the team so decided I’d rather play more and gave goalkeeping a go and have been there since!

How do you prepare for an (important) competition? (music, rituals, etc.) 

I do have a few rituals but never really been that big on listening to music before a game, I try and stay calm, give out some bad banter and just keep myself relaxed.

In the past you played football for Heybridge Swifts FC. How did you experience these periods?

Well it’s definitely toughed me up a-bit, no disrespect to any teams at that level but the grounds and pitches aren’t the best so when you step up the levels to the grounds that aren’t so good they seem a lot better because of where I have played!

After your time by Heybridge Swifts FC, you moved to Braintree Town FC. Was there a lot of difference between these clubs? 

Biggest difference was organisation, Danny Cowley was the manager and he was excellent made sure we knew every detail on every team we played against! Even though I wasn’t playing he made everyone feel part of the team!

By Braintree Town FC you loan out to Lewes FC. How did you experience these period?

Didn’t do very well there so probably learnt how to do deal with making mistakes in men’s football.

You have played at several football clubs. At which club did you learned the most?

Probably Canvey island played a full season, got over making mistakes and bouncing back the next game and was a number 1 for the whole season which helped my development.

What were your highs and lows during your football career?

Tough one, probably recently making my Ebbsfleet debut as its the highest level I’ve played… lows being told by a manager in the Ryman north I was the worst goalkeeper he signed when I was 17… all a game of opinions!!

What are your personal goals this season?

To try and establish myself as a national league goalkeeper!

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