Lewis Knight

Hi I’m Lewis Knight 26 years old and I play for St. Albans City FC. The most important people in a football environment are the positive characters either being players or physios or people who work in the club. I don’t have a specific thing I do but I need music in a dressing room to get the mood going. I left concord rangers as a new manager came in and wanted to bring his own players in…

Interview Ryan Barnett

I’m Ryan Barnett and I play for Shrewsbury Town currently on loan at AFC Telford United. I always eat the same pre match meal and make sure I do everything on time. I have a playlist that I listen to in the car on the way to the game. I always put my right boot on before my left and the same with shin pads. I was playing for my local team from about 6..

Interview Cameron Green

Hi I’m Cameron green I’m a left back at Watford currently on loan to Braintree. Football is very important to me I have been playing since I was four and it’s the only thing I have ever wanted to do. I signed for reading after playing in a show case game for Nigel James, he has helped me the most in my career in football. I found my time at reading a difficult one with many hurdles I had to overcome

Interview Mike Fondop-Talom

Mike Fondop, Cameroon, 27/11/1993, Striker (Chesterfield FC) , n° 36. Football is a passion to me. I’m a big lad having pace, strength, aerial threat great technical ability. I think I’m special because I’m unpredictable with all God endowed me with. Played for Stanway for almost a year. I thank God it was a great experience.

Interview Marvel Ekpiteta

My names Marvel Ekpiteta I’m a professional footballer for Newport County. My specific qualities as a defender are that I enjoying defending so tackling, heading, blocks etc and I’m also very athletic. I took part in a u17 course at Oxford United which was if you was successful you got awarded a 2 year scholarship but I didn’t get it at the end of the season

Jordan Williams

My name is Jordan Williams and I play for AFC Fylde. I think what makes me a decent player and helps me have an advantage over other players is my fitness and pace, I pride myself on being athletically strong, in hope that this helps my technical side shine. I prepare for competition by keeping hydrated, taking the same supplements before every game provided from Herbalife, other than that I don’t have any other rituals.

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