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Weymouth FC
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Tom Rees
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Poole Town FC
Hungerford Town FC
Weymouth FC


Introduce yourself… (who are you ? )

My name is Tom, I’m 27 years old  and I’m a semi-professional ball catcher!

What are your specific qualities as goalkeeper?

A lot of people would say I’m a presence, I’m loud and with age comes experience, I’m quite a relaxed person. Shot stopping is quality some would say I possess.

Who are the most important people within football environment?

Firstly my Dad. I come from a footballing family where my grandad played semi-professionally when he was younger for Merthyr in Wales and still holds the record for most goals scored. My dad played for Wales school boys and from the age of 4 really pushed me to be the best I can be at anything. Sometimes he can over step the mark but 90% of the time he’s good as gold. Secondly Robbie Yates who is my goalkeeper coach at Weymouth and a close friend of mine. He’s done a lot for me for the last 5 or 6 years and I’ve experience some real highs on the field with him.

How do you prepare for an (important) match? (music, rituals, etc.)

I’m not a very superstitious person when it comes to preparing just making sure I eat right before the game .. every time I step on the pitch a kiss both my posts and touch my bar and look up to the skies at my lost friends and family .. it’s something I always do and if I don’t do it I don’t feel right.

Before Weymouth FC, you played for Hamworthy United. How did you experienced this periods?

I hold Hamworthy close to my heart it was the club I first experienced men’s football with at the ages of 16 and the improvements it’s made off the pitch stand it in good stead for the future. The lower down non-league you go the more street wise you need to be so I defiantly learnt the not so pretty sides of the game.

Now you are playing at Weymouth FC. Why did you choose for Weymouth FC?

During the summer I spoke to Robbie and asked if I could go into preseason with him to get myself sharp ready for the upcoming season. I’d had a few offers from different clubs but the first day I stepped on the training field with the lads I knew it was where I wanted to be! The lads are great and welcomed me straight away. The way the club is run is the right way and it’s the closest thing to professional for a part time team. We are given all the tools to do the job by the staff and the Gaffe and then we are trusted to go out and show our abilities. The club is a sleeping giant that will be in the league in years to come.

What is your best moment in your football career? And why ?

My career high was probably getting promotion from the southern league to the conference south with Poole Town. They had failed the year before so the pressure was on the year I joined and it was just a gritty performance week in week out to put us in a position where we won the league with a game to spare.

What is your worst moment in your football career? And why ?

My worst moment was when I was 18 I was playing for Hamworthy Rec and I ended up diving at someone’s feet and instead of the ball they decided to kick me in the ribs. In the process they punctures my spleen and broke 2 ribs. I was on rest from everything for two weeks. Little did I know it caused internal bleeding and I ended up collapsing 2 weeks later at home. The ambulance came out and checked my jobs which were fine and they went on their way. Then 2 hours later I got up to let my partner at the time into the house and collapsed and woke up in hospital. I was lucky to have lived as if I had fallen asleep I was told I would have woken up. A week in hospital and 9 months later I got back onto the fresh green field to play the beautiful game.

What are your personal goals this season?

Promotion into the conference.

What’s your ultimate dream? And why ?

My ultimate dream is for one day my 2 boys to grow up and become professional footballers. It’s something I didn’t quite get to and I want them to have the life I never had.

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