Interview Tom Rees

My name is Tom, I’m 27 years old  and I’m a semi-professional ball catcher! A lot of people would say I’m a presence, I’m loud and with age comes experience, I’m quite a relaxed person. Shot stopping is quality some would say I possess. Firstly my Dad. I come from a footballing family where my grandad played semi-professionally when he was younger for Merthyr in Wales and still holds the record for most goals scored.

Interview Tom Bradbury

I’m Tom Bradbury. A 6ft 3 left footed centre half who currently plays for Yeovil Town FC. Before I found a relationship with God, football was the most important thing in my life!  Now I combine God’s plan for my life and the talent he has given me to express myself on the pitch and enjoy every single day as a footballer! I want to spread the word of Jesus Christ through my football platform so therefore the game is vital to me!

Adriano Moke

Hi I am Adriano Moke, I’m a professional football player and play for York City. I like to get on the ball as much I can and try make things work that can be in possession counter attack but also like to do the other part as in defending as a team or even individual, love to dribble with the ball at pace I feel like that’s my main strength. I’m relax listen to music and get in to my game mode or usually just dance about in the changing rooms

Daniel Wilks

Been playing in goal since the age of 5, representing Arsenal and Watford up to the age of 9. I then decided to sign a contract with Watford and played with them till 18. Unfortunately, didn’t get offered after scholarship so made the trip up north to Glasgow to sign for St. Mirren playing in their 23’s and on the bench for the first team 36ish times. After a hip surgery and the realisation I needed to start playing men’s games

Dan Sweeney

My name is Dan Sweeney. I’m born in Birmingham and play football for Solihull Moors FC. Football is my life. It’s all I’ve known my whole life and every day I wake up I am grateful for the job (if you can even call it that) that I have. There’s a lot more to a professional footballer than people think, things they don’t see but part of the profession is not to be distracted or let anything off the pitch affect you on the pitch and training ground. You have to be very very strong mentally.

Daniel Bailey

My name is Dan Bailey and I’m Central midfielder for Hungerford Town in the National League South. I’m a local boy and have been at the club since I was 16. My best qualities in football are pressing and winning the ball back as well as my passing. My best qualities in football are pressing and winning the ball back as well as my passing. I’ve worked hard the past year or so to learn to have a wider range of passing plus different types of pass.

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