Interview Michael Elstone

Michael Elstone

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Curzon Ashton FC
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Michael Elstone
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Bangor City FC
Fulham FC
Marine FC
Glossop North End AFC
Curzon Ashton FC


Introduce yourself…

I make a good football player because I am a team player and will work hard during games. I have a lot of qualities that will help my teammates out. My strongest qualities are my speed, strength and finishing. 

What makes you a good football player? And what are your strongest qualities as an attacker?

The most important football lesson I have learned is that you have to be resilient and if you aren’t you won’t make it. You have a lot of ups and downs and you need to bounce back from them.

What is the most important football lesson you have learned and who taught you that? 

Preparing for a game I like to eat well so I have a lot of energy for the game. I also like to watch clips of when I have scored goals to get into the feeling of scoring. 

How do you prepare for an (important) competition? (music, rituals, etc.)

My time at Fulham was very enjoyable. I had to move away from home and live in London for 2 years. The facilities were amazing and you were treated very well. However the type of player I am I think I am more suited to men’s football.

In the youth you played football for Fulham FC. How did you experienced The youth competencies?

The club I learnt the most at has to be Fulham as I had amazing coaching for 2 years and was taught so many important things.

You’ve played for Bangor City FC, Fulham FC, Crewe Alexandra, Marine FC and now for Curzon Ashton FC. At which club do you have learned the most ? 

I also learnt a lot at Bangor this was my first taste of men’s football and made me mature a lot.

With Bangor City FC you played in Wales. Now you play with Curzon Ashton FC in England. Is there a lot of difference between these Nations?

There isn’t really any difference from playing in Wales to England. Both have some very long away trips! I enjoyed my time at Bangor as it was a very good club. 

Now you play at Curzon Ashton FC. Why did you choose for Curzon Ashton FC?

I chose to play for Curzon Ashton because they are a very well run club. The facilities are amazing and it is a good opportunity for me to get back playing and enjoying football.

What’s your ultimate dream? 

My ultimate dream would be to have a long career as a professional footballer. I have been full time before and it was amazing hopefully this is something I can do again. 

What are your personal goals this season? 

I want to score goals and create them. Most importantly for me is to get on the pitch and play as much as I can. With Curzon I think a play-off spot is a good target.

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  1. was a posh snob in primary school, couldn’t imagine what he is like now, just ginger i suppose


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