Football clubs from 2000.

You would expect that there are enough football clubs in England. But not everyone is agree with that. That’s why you see even the last years, still new football clubs. The new clubs are founded with the knowledge of today. As a result, they grow quickly and you see them more and more in the current competitions. Much to the chagrin of old traditional football clubs. Still, there are enough football lovers who like it.

Harrison Panayiotou

My name is Harrison Panayiotou and I’m a Saint Kitts and Nevis international footballer. I play as a forward for the National League club Aldershot Town FC. I prepare for the game but listening to gospel music & always praying and doing the Lord’s Prayer. I was scouted by playing for a local side Allexton new Parks & at Leicester I would say Trevor Peake helped me the most, helped me find myself as a player & did very well under him.

Interview Reagan Ogle

Reagan Ogle 20 years old from Australia, I play fullback left or right. I am signed at Accrington Stanley but currently on loan to Southport till January. As a footballer my specific qualities would have to be my pace both getting forward in attack and then back in to defend. I would say I am strong when it comes to physical battles and 1v1 defending, also helps that I can threaten the box with my long throw in.

Interview Ben Newey

I’m Ben Newey, I’m 19 years old and just started my second season in senior football. I am goalkeeper at Leamington FC, played at Rushall Olympic and Lye town on loan last season for much needed experience. Football is what determines my mood 90% of the time. Football is everything to me, don’t know what I would do without it haha.

Interview Daniel Matsuzaka

Born and raised in Finchley, North Londen. Currently playing for Sutton United, plant based footballer. Inside the football club it’s your team mates. Educational, learning different styles of football and coming up against all sorts of opponents were all beneficial.

Interview Mark Foden

I’m Mark Foden and I am 23 years old and play for Blyth Spartans AFC as goalkeeper. Football is very important to me but it isn’t the be all and end all. I wouldn’t say that one is more important than the  other, but they’re are definitely people who I personally benefit from more than others.

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