Interview Rowan Liburd

Rowan Liburd


Personal Details

Hereford FC
Full Name:
Rowan Earl Anthony Liburd
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Shirt number:


Billericay Town FC
Reading FC
2016 (on loan)
Wycombe Wanderers FC
Stevenage FC
2017 (on loan)
Leyton Orient  FC
2017 (on loan)
Hemel Hempstead Town FC
2017 (on loan)
Guiseley AFC
Guiseley AFC
Hereford FC


Introduce yourself…

My name is Rowan Liburd, I am 26 years old and I currently play for Hereford FC and St. Kitts & Nevis national team. I am from south London and have been playing football since I was 7.

How important is football to you? And why?

Football has always been a part of my life I honestly can’t remember a year where I haven’t been playing football. I am blessed and fortunate to be in the position where I play football as my job.

How do you prepare for an (important) competition? (music, rituals, etc.)

I tend to eat the same pre match if possible. I like to listen to anything that’s going to put me in a good mood for my game. That can range from Drake to 80s club classics honestly.

In the youth you played for Chelsea FC. How did you get into the youth of Chelsea FC ? And who has helped you the most?

I spent a season at Chelsea’s academy when I was 10. It was a surreal experience because I didn’t quite comprehend the opportunity that was given to me at the time. I remember I was scouted from my Sunday league team and then was offered a 6 week trial over the school holidays. At the time my family helped me so much. Whether it be taking me to training Tuesday Thursday and watching me play on a Saturday.

Liburd, you have spent  four years at Thomas University in Thomasville, Georgia on a football scholarship. You won several awards including the Sun Conference Player of the Year. How did you experienced your time there? Explain your answer.

Going to Thomas university on a scholarship was something I am so happy I did. It really helped me mature and grow up. I would always encourage people to go and do it. I was fortunate enough to be at a great university and the head coach was a great mentor for me. We still speak to this day. Winning the awards I did was down to me buying into the system and having great team mates.

Upon returning to the UK, you signed for Billericay Town FC. There you have played football one season. Did you noticed any difference in football between the United States and England?

Yeah playing for Billericay was a great experience for me. And a real eye opener into men’s football. I didn’t start off great, I had to go on loan to Thamesmead town to get games. I did well though and got re called after a month or so. I had to really learn quickly but I had great teammates around me like Glenn Poole, Richard Hallè, and Ricky Sappleton that always gave me great advice.

After one season at Billericay Town FC, you have played football at different football clubs. In the National League South, Championship and the Football League Two. Which competition did you liked most? And why ?

To be honest they are all really competitive. The few games I played in the championship was great and I’d say they was they was my lost enjoyable because the atmosphere was always something that I enjoyed. 

You have also played one match for the national team of Saint Kitts and Nevis. What was it like to join the national football team of Saint Kitts and Nevis?

Being called up for to represent your national team is always a honour. I look forward to representing St. Kitts & Nevis again in the future.

At which club have you learned the most ? And why ?

Being at Stevenage FC I learned a lot because things didn’t pan out the way I wanted it to. I learned a lot and believe that the lessons will help me in all aspects of life.

What is your ambition in your football career?

I want to play in the football league again and I would love to achieve a promotion and being a part of a team that’s won a league title.


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